We are taking strong action on protecting privacy and safety in bathrooms

While most of  the Texans were likely sleeping last night, some our patriots was at the Texas Capitol past 1 a.m. as the Senate was taking strong action on protecting privacy and safety in bathrooms.

The clock is ticking on the 85th Texas Legislature, and there are two things you can help us do to save unborn lives and protect privacy in this final full week of the session:

1. Contact your House and Senate members to let them know you support strong privacy protection language!
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‘Refugees’ in ‘rape’ of Idaho girl, 5, being ‘protected’

img_4124Iraqi woman with son at Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho. The federal government has resettled 377 Iraqis and 170 Sudanese in Twin Falls since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks

The prosecutor in a case involving refugee boys, who allegedly molested a young girl in Idaho, is going to extraordinary lengths to downplay the seriousness of the crime and speak out in defense of the perpetrators.

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