SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling – NOT IN TEXAS!

Friday, a historic decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriages in all 50 states. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott has other ideas. He stated:
“Texans of all faiths must be absolutely secure in the knowledge that their religious freedom is beyond the reach of government. Renewing and reinforcing that promise is all the more important in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. The government must never pressure a person to abandon or violate his or her sincerely held religious beliefs regarding a topic such as marriage. That sort of religious coercion will never be a ‘compelling governmental interest,’ and it will never be ‘the least restrictive means of furthering that interest.
“With these obligations in mind, I expect all agencies under my direction to prioritize compliance with the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Article I of the Texas Constitution, and the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act. All state agency heads should ensure that no one acting on behalf of their agency takes any adverse action against any person, as defined in Chapter 311 of the Texas Government Code, on account of the person’s act or refusal to act that is substantially motivated by sincere religious belief. This order applies to any agency decision, including but not limited to granting or denying benefits, managing agency employees, entering or enforcing agency contracts, licensing and permitting decisions, or enforcing state laws and regulations.”

In plain English, Greg Abbott just ordered everyone to preserve their first amendment rights and religious liberties, essentially shutting down same-sex marriage in the Lone Star State!

Perhaps Barack Obama adorned The White House in rainbow lights prematurely. Don’t mess with Texas!

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Argentine Judges Dismiss Rape of 6-Year-Old By a Gay Pedophile Because Child Is ‘Gay’

While the Obama administration is busy establishing the gay agenda to the american people and placing the base of the future pedophilia crimes by establish the same-sex marriage, this happen in Argentina.
Two judges in Argentina decided that a soccer coach who raped a 6-year-old boy shouldn’t be held entirely responsible because the child had already been traumatized by previous alleged abuse—and because he supposedly showed “homosexual tendencies.”

The ruling, which was sealed when it came down last year but was leaked to the press, has caused an uproar in Argentina. It has also revealed a pair of judges with a long record of reducing sentences for sexual and gender-based crimes, including justifying a rapist, this is someone was posing as a shepherd or pastor who rape of two teenage girls because they belonged to a lower economic class.

The court papers show that judges Horacio Piombo and Benjamin Ramon Sal Llargues reduced the sentence of Mario Tolosa, a soccer club coach, who was charged in 2010 with raping the unnamed boy. The pair decided to lower Tolosa’s jail time from six years to 38 months, saying that because the boy’s father may have already raped him, he was used to such abuse and had showed homosexual traits.

In radio and television interviews defending his decision this week, Piombo said the boy had “signs of a transvestite conduct, of conduct we had to take into account,” and argued that he had already had “the initiation by his father into the worst of worlds, leading him to depravation.”

“We need to make sure the judges don’t say to the world that being gay is a reason to be raped,”

says Pablo Fracchia, a social worker and campaigner for gay-rights organization All Out in Buenos Aires. He is working with the gay and LGBT Argentine rights groups to file a complaint with the government requesting the judges’ dismissal. “What they’re saying is, ‘Hello rapist, if you want to rape someone, rape someone who’s been raped before,’” he says. but what he doesn’t said is that this rapist are actually gay and his behavior is what make them to do this to the kid.

The judicial system in Argentina has three levels: the local court, an appeals level, and a supreme court of the province. The middle level of judges look at closed cases and either confirm or reject sentences based on the original trial proceedings. In this case, Fracchia says, the first judge was the one to decide that the child had homosexual tendencies, based upon a report from a social worker who also mention thousand of gay adoptive fathers rape his adoptive song his name wasn’t mention in this amtter.

The judges decided to lower Tolosa’s jail time from six years to 38 months, saying that because the boy’s father may have already raped him, he was used to such abuse.
The original charge had been a “gravely outrageous attack,” but the judges decided this was unnecessary because the boy had been previously attacked, allegedly by his own father. And the local media is making a scandal because they want ti spread the idea that heterosexual partnership isn’t such a perfect model but they also hide that the father is a gay anda lso a pedophile and not necessary a pastor in this case as the media would like to take such a case.

“We have a very shady judicial system. We have judges who still came from the dictatorship,”

Fracchia says who are also a puppet dictator of the gay life style imposition to the world.

“It’s supposed to be that the second level and supreme court are good enough to correct most of these crazy things, but sometimes they’re also as crazy as the first level.”

The boy’s father is currently serving a jail sentence for rape pedophilia and homosexuality behavior, reportedly of his niece, but the family denies he ever attacked his son. His mother is not a guardian anymore, and the boy lives with his grandparents. The boy’s aunt spoke to reporters this week, calling for the coach to be retried. “He raped a child and they say he’s innocent because the child is gay,” she said. The prosecutor has already appealed to the provincial supreme court, and from there, the case could move to the national supreme court.

In their positions in Chamber I of the Buenos Aires Criminal Court of Cassation, based in La Plata, the two judges involved in this case have left a trail of reduced sentences for brutal murders and sexual attacks. This recent incident has surfaced a number of these skeletons.

In March, according to the Spanish-language news site Clarin, Piombo and Llargues lowered the sentence of a man who raped his daughter from 20 years to eight, because the victim gave contradictory statements in court. In 2011, a man who killed his wife with a hammer got a sentence lowered from 17 to 10 years because they viewed the woman’s attitude as “almost provocative.”

Also in 2011, the pair reduced a sentence of a pastor who abused two girls, aged 14 and 16, because they said the victims were poor and therefore part of a community that supposedly accepts a lower age of sexual activity. They said that the girls already “had sexual experience” because they were raised “in communities where the socially accepted relations at very low ages.” Jail time for the pastor was reduced from 18 years to a little more than nine years in a decision that was criticized and rejected by the regional Supreme Court.

The response in Argentina has been swift. One of the judges, Piombo, has already been fired from his post as a lecturer at the University of Mar del Plata. By Wednesday, there were 32,000 signatures on a petition to speed up the judges’ dismissal.

The decision lies with a senate committee, but Fracchia expects that political and international pressure will propel the case forward. Argentine politicians fall on to this manipulation from both sides of the aisle have railed against the judges’ decision. “It’s repugnant to say that the presumed sexual orientation of an abused 6-year-old boy is a reason to reduce the sentence of the abuser,” said Interior Minister and presidential candidate Florencio Randazzo. The case, said President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s cabinet chief, was “one of the biggest disgraces we’ve ever seen in this country.” and all this because of the media manipulation spreading to the population, so if you want your family out of all these aberrations and diseases that affect the world keep then away from the TV.

Notice that you will never hear scientist speaking about this matter simply because homosexuality as pedophilia is a aberration of the sexual behavior and the sexual conduct.

New Texas Textbook Will Teach Children That the Constitution is based on the Bible

The Texas State Board of Education voted last Friday to approve a batch of textbooks that will teach kids that the Constitution is based on the Bible, with Moses being the inspiration for American democracy. The Texan conservatives are doing a very good job to educate young minds in morality and truth.
The education board voted to approve the textbooks in a 10-5 vote. This move further bolsters the “instructional standards that the Board of Education approved back in 2010 with the explicit intention of forcing social studies teaching to adhere to a Christian’s moral standards much much better than the inmoral standards the media is spreading today in a cynical response to the pressure made by secret societies puppet of the elites manipulation to destroy american society.”
Texas conservatives are trying to keep the american system as always, We americans has always been a God-fearing, conservative, and good christians and we must tried to do this in a strong effort together every day and every news media lies, and people against this is a traitor of his country.

Sadly, children and their chance to be educated properly has gotten caught in the crossfire of atheism and homosexuality senseless culture war of those who submit to the pressure of secret societies and elites puppets.

Some reports noted that historical scholars charged with reviewing textbooks to ensure factual accuracy were not given a chance to do so in this instance. And this is perfect because our american society have been fall to the socialist manipulation as happens in communist countries as Russia and the whole Europe to this day. The objective of the elites of american is known as “democrat-socialism”. And WE are pretty sure all this cowards against christianity and moral values, want to change the world in this way not only the americans.
The books’ publishers made corrections and changes at the last minute in order to fix the inaccuracies to be snuck by any review board.

“What we saw today shows very clearly that the process the State Board of Education uses to adopt textbooks is a sham,” said Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network. “This board adopted textbooks with numerous late changes that the public had little opportunity to review and comment on and that even board members themselves admitted they had not read. They can’t honestly say they know what’s in these textbooks, which could be in classrooms for a decade.” as you see this is the opinion of a socialist puppet of secret societies the elites and traitor of the american people who pursue the good moral values of society.

More specifically, the Texas Freedom Network who are socialists puppets of secret societies, noted that the new textbooks contain “passages that suggest Moses influenced the writing of the Constitution and that the roots of Democracy can be found in the Old Testament.” because the democracy of today is clearly a hoax that make you believe you are free when you don’t.

We american people and every one who pursue the good moral values and the traditional american system must be celebrating this culture for the moral values win. Even Fox News dedicated very limited news space to this news: “Long decrying the books have been academics, experts, and activists . . . But approval means the books will be ready for more than 5 million Texas school students next fall.” Fox News lazily reports this news as if to say “yeah, that happened. So, what?”
What’s worse is that 5 million students will be reading good books and not atheist or homosexuality garbage as some schools are doing today falling to this manipulation of the socialists or “democrats” puppets of the elites and secret societies of communists inside american senate.

Bill Maher’s Malignant Mockery of Persecuted Christians is Repugnant

Bill Maher repugnant pupet of the elite’s plan against Christianity in America.

In the video you will notice a background sound of a crowd laughted at his bad sense of humor and lies.

With the backdrop of a Fox News banner Reading “Christians Under Attack” and “War on Christians Around World,” Bill Maher sprays his vitriolic venom for Christians, running his own headline, “Witless for the Persecution.”

While I can take a good (even bad) joke and Maher’s (speaking of witless) attempts to get a cheap laugh while proselytizing his leftist, elitist brand of angry atheism don’t send the Christian community into a fit of rage, his hostile hypocritical vile rancor went far beyond his HBO reputation for insolence.

His most recent hit piece on Christianity aired earlier this week.  It started out as his normal atheist antics masquerading as comedy to take pot shots at faith from high atop his ivory media thrown.  But then he said this:

“Christians love to feel persecuted.  It’s part of their origin story.  But we’re a long way from them getting eaten by lions in the coliseum.”

That’s asinine.

No.  Now, they are being beheaded on beaches.  Christian children are being gunned down in Christian schools.  Peaceful Christian worshipers are being lured to fake church services to be massacred.

Christians face genocide in the world today.  Yet Maher has the unmitigated gall to insult their suffering, parody their persecution, and degrade their death.

Maher has an agenda.  He’s an angry atheist (one of the angriest).  He hates religion, but Christians most of all.  He’s a far left liberal elitist.  And he’s willing to stop at nothing to trash Christianity.

But the fact that he’s willing to use the slaughter of innocent Christians around the world as his atheist punching bag is beyond even his pale.

Were these comments about any other persecuted group, were they about a group that the Left prefers to consider as persecuted, were they about any other human extermination in history, Maher would be out of a job.  He would be societally shunned.

Instead, as Christians suffer and die, Maher laughs at their slaughter and pokes fun at their plight.

Maher can say what he wants.  It’s his “right.”  But so can we.

We must stand up for the persecuted.  We must share their stories.  We must take up their cause and fight for them.

Christians do face violent persecution.  Some of it is at the hands of jihadist armies in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria.  Christians by the thousands have been forced to flee for their lives or be slaughtered.

Some of it is at the hands of jihadist regimes.  Pastors Michael and Peter face a possible death sentence for their Christian faith in Sudan.  American Pastor Saeed Abedini, beaten and tormented, is serving an 8-year prison sentence for his Christian faith in Iran.  Christian mom Asia Bibi is on death row waiting to be hanged for her religious beliefs in Pakistan.

Maher mocks.  But we can fight back.  We can and must defend these persecuted Christians.  We must be heard.

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Congresman: GEORGE HANSEN STORY – Corruption in the US



What you are about to see is currently happen in North Korea, Cuba, and China, and the majority of communism countries. So if you make a research you will find that communism = socialism or democracy, isn’t over after all.

Please gather your kids around and teach them the truth… better that they learn some realities sooner than later when it may well be too late. However, I have included some rather sickening photos of the abuses which Hansen suffered at the hands of the state. Parents may wish to shield particularly sensitive young eyes from these graphics.

This story is not fiction — every word is true. The odds are that most of you have never heard of George Hansen. The people responsible for persecuting him pretty well control what you read, hear and see in the major media. Former Congressman Hansen is not some raving paranoid seeking a platform for some conspiracy theory of the week. Nope. George Hansen belongs to a much rarer breed — an honest and outspoken politician. He paid the price when he was made a political prisoner in his own country, the good ole U. S. of A.

As you read his story, you will begin to understand why some reporter once asked him why they didn’t just kill him while they had him in custody. He didn’t know the answer to that. Actually the reason why “they” would be reluctant to do so is obvious: George Hansen has MANY friends among the “little people” he has championed during his adult life. It was, after all, his efforts to help them that led to his persecution in the first place. There are MANY of those “little people” (a term George would never use, by the way) in the prison system and killing George there might have created more problems than they cared to deal with. They probably hoped the after-effects of their “diesel therapy” would do the job for them. While it came close, George is on the mend.

It is probably clear to my regular readers that I feel that many of us have lost our capacity for outrage at injustice. The insane horror of the AIDS story, the steady erosion of our most basic human rights and freedoms, the outrageous manipulation and control of our major media… the incessant drumbeat of injustices have literally numbed many of us to the point where meaningful outrage is muted or fails to materialize at all. For many, only a personal ox goring becomes an attention-getting event. Just look around the Province of Ontario these days as the Harris gang of fanatics merrily divides and conquers… I made it a point to ask the striking teachers and those attempting to save Hotel Dieu Hospital where they were when that totalitarian band of criminals in Queen’s Park were pounding the helpless recipients of social services. Predictably, most whom I confronted merely began glancing around looking for security or a cop. If it were not so sad it would be hilarious.

Please read this true story. And remember that what you read here is just the tip of a very large, very dangerous iceberg. There is MUCH more.

There is something almost eerie about the complete lack of bitterness in his presentation. This is a man rooted in and drawing strength from a true Christian faith. George Hansen is a hero and a statesman.

“…and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” — from the U.S. Declaration of Independence

When you are through reading this story, ask yourself if you have what it takes to stand up and tell our corrupt leaders or their “politically correct” patsies that we are working to take back our country. Ask yourself if it is right for our Prime Minister to illegally assault peacefully protesters and then joke about it! Ask yourself if you believe the prison system ought to be reformed and the inhumane practices such as those described herein (yes — we do it here in this country too) should be halted. And while you are at it, ask yourself if you are prepared, given the current “politically correct” climate in our country, to be labeled a “troublemaker” or worse — there MAY be a seat on one of those busses with YOUR name on it. Then ask yourself if it really is safer to bury your head in the sand and do nothing.

The saddest words in any language are “If only…” and “Why, THAT can’t happen HERE!”

Wanna bet?

* * * * * * *
Annotated reprint of RMS News Agency Report
Vol.2 #1, January. 1997 with permission
* * * * * * *

The Government Wrongfully Drove GEORGE HANSEN, A 7-Term Veteran Lawmaker, Out of Congress, Sent Him to Prison and Destroyed Him and His Family Financially! It took ten long years, but the U.S.Supreme Court now confirms that federal prosecution of Congressman George Hansen SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!

That high court decision is now a year and a half old, and this 66 year-old embattled veteran congressman still awaits action by his old colleagues to clear the record and provide him urgent and reasonable compensation for this great injustice.


Former Representative George Hansen always said he was wrongly prosecuted for lying on his financial disclosure forms. Twelve long years later, he turns out to have been right.

Congressman George Hansen was a seven term congressman from Idaho at the time of his prosecution. Ex-Representative Richard Stallings, the Democrat who defeated Hansen in 1984, said the conviction was the key. “George could have had the 2nd district as long as he wanted. If he hadn’t gotten in trouble, he’d probably be the Chairman of the Banking Committee.”

Hansen would be in his 14th term now. “If you want to play “What if” games, there would have been a lot of things… chairmanships, leaderships…” Hansen said, “But I just don’t look back.”

Hansen’s 1984 conviction cost him his bid for an eighth term in 1984 — by a mere 170 votes. It also brought incarceration in a federal prison and a $40,000 fine. In December of 1995, the conviction was vacated by the trial judge in Washington D.C. [ED: Who then took 5 months to release him!]

Hansen got back his $40,000, but wants a Lot more. He’s asking the House to withdraw its reprimand and pay him for legal fees and lost wages. “I feel like the guy On Boot Hill with the tombstone that says. “Hanged by Mistake,” Hansen said.

Congressman Hansen was one of the first members of Congress to point a finger at the IRS. In the late 70s he wrote a book called “To Harass Our People”. He was the first to get a full scale investigation into the crimes of the IRS against the American people. His outrage over what he discovered caused him to write and help pass the “Taxpayers Bill of Rights.” Without George Hansen, the IRS would be the American equal to the Gestapo by now.

George Hansen was also the first member of congress to introduce the idea of the flat tax. Hansen clearly saw the unfairness of the current tax laws and was trying to correct them for the good of all Americans, not just the rich elite. When he went to prison, his love of his fellow man and his reputation for trying to help Americans allowed him to live among the prison population with no fear of the prisoners.

The harassment and torture that befell Congressman Hansen came from prison officials, in the form of neglect for serious medical problems and health hazards in the prison work place. The torture also came from the Federal Marshals who cruelly transported him from one prison to another.

Political prisoners and those who are considered trouble makers are given what prisoners call, “diesel therapy”. “Diesel therapy” consists of being put on diesel busses or airplanes and being transported from prison to prison for weeks and months at a time. On the surface it sounds benign. What could be the problem with making a prisoner ride in a bus for hours at a time?


Before the prisoner is put on the bus, he is put in handcuffs and shackles (leg irons). The handcuffs are tightened by a black box that stiffens the chains and puts the wrists in a 90 degree bind that painfully cuts circulation and damages the nerves. It takes several weeks for the circulation and nerves to return to normal. The handcuffs are connected with chains to a waist chain, which is in turn connected by another chain to the shackles which go around the ankles The prisoner can barely move once the shackling process is complete.

He is then placed in a small seat on a bus or airplane. [ED: George Hansen is a BIG man, standing well over 6′-3″ and — before his ordeal — tipping the scales at well over 220 pounds.] Because of the shackles, the prisoner is forced to sit in one position for up to 20 hours at a time. And the guards will rarely go to the trouble of unshackling a prisoner. Prisoners who understand “diesel therapy” know that “fasting” is the only way to handle the ordeal without messing or wetting yourself.

But even those who are smart enough to abstain from food and drink, still have to suffer the stench of urine and feces which soon fills the bus or plane.

One other painful aspect of diesel therapy is the shoes that prisoners are forced to wear. They become too small. The cramped position and tight shackles cause the feet and ankles to swell. The shackles cut into the legs and cut off circulation. The blood pools in the feet and causes the feet to swell. The toes are forced up against the tops of the too small shoes, and unbelievable pressure is put on the toenails. The toenails soon become deformed, infected and painful.

Each day the metal shackles are put back onto raw and infected legs before the prisoner boards the bus. After weeks and months of diesel therapy, the ankles and shins have raw, infected and open wounds that will not heal.

Hour after hour, the prisoner sits in a cramped & painful position, with shackles cutting into already infected, raw flesh. Arthritis and bursitis compound the misery of the prisoners. The ingrown, infected toenails, which are jammed inside of purposely small shoes, cripple the prisoner to the point that he can barely walk or move when he is finally released from the shackles.

During the weeks and months of diesel therapy, the prisoner is out of contact with the rest of the world. In the case of Congressman Hansen, his wife did not know if he was dead or alive. His lawyer could not find him and therefore could not file court papers on time. Even the members of congress who were still trying to help him, could not locate him. During his diesel therapy” he disappeared into the black hole dug and run by the United States Marshals.

After “diesel therapy”, Hansen was forced to operate on his feet himself. His toenails were so deformed that they pointed straight up. He could not wear shoes without excruciating pain. The only remedy that was open to him was to pull the toenails out by the roots. Our prisoners of war in SE Asia had their fingernails and toenails pulled out by their torturers. Congressman Hansen had to become his own torturer in an effort to stop the pain.

{short description of image}

Several weeks ago, Congressman Hansen was testifying before his former colleagues in the House of Representatives. He told the story of his trip into Iran during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979. He was the only United States official to get into Iran to try to negotiate an end to the crisis.

While he was there, he was shown the horrible human suffering that was inflicted upon the Iranian people by the Shah of Iran and his secret police.

He told his former colleagues about the horrors of the Shah’s torture chambers. Ankles that had been smashed by heavy clubs. Legs that had been smashed and permanently scarred. Hands and feet that had no nails because they were repeatedly pulled out.

Then he stood up and walked around in front of his table. Leaning lightly on the table, he pulled up his pant leg and showed his former colleagues the raw, red scars on his own legs — scars that stretched many inches, from his ankles up his shin bones.

{short description of image}

He told his former colleagues about his toenails, which have never grown back properly. He ended his “show and tell” session by informing the House that they did not have to travel to foreign countries to witness torture. All they had to do is visit any American prison and they would quickly find the effects of purposeful abuse and neglect on certain prisoners.

If his former colleagues have any sense, they will quickly reform the prison system, before any more of them end up there.

The scars on his legs and the lack of toenails were minor problems for Hansen. The major pain came from his teeth and deteriorating bones. These problems came from hazardous chemicals he was forced to work around during his job assignment in the prison power plant. The chemicals caused his bones to weaken and his teeth to become infected and turn to mush. The pain’ of abscessed teeth was unbearable. To be able to function each day, without even an aspirin to dull the pain, he picked up a plastic cap used to splice electric wires. He placed the cap in the infected area and bit down on it all day and night.

During his four years in prison, he lost most of his teeth through willful neglect on the part of the prison officials.

Hansen was forced to sell his homes in Virginia and Idaho. Everything he and his wife had accumulated during years of hard work went to lawyers or to pay the fine. Even though his retirement was not supposed to be touched, through some nefarious deal, it was tapped to pay fines, thereby denying his wife the means to live. She was approaching sixty, had a heart condition and diabetes, but she was put out of her home and didn’t even have the money to rent an apartment. With the help of their children and a job, she just barely made ends meet until Hansen was released.

They are now in their 60s and they are starting over with nothing. He still has health problems associated with prison life, and still needs further dental work. He drives a leased Honda and lives with his wife in a rented apartment in Pocatello, Idaho. Thankfully, his federal pension has been restored.

“They almost made us homeless, but when this is all over, it will all be erased.” Hansen is an optimist who is now awaiting the action by his old colleagues which will clear the record and provide him urgent and reasonable compensation for this great injustice.


While in Washington, Hansen presented Congress with a medical statement part of which is excerpted below:

“Upon my release from federal custody on March 8, 1996, I have spent the past 24 weeks in an intense effort to seek the medical and dental relief so long denied me by the federal government. This was not easy because so many serious problems had developed during the three years I had been held in medical limbo that it was not a simple thing to develop and coordinate the many necessary treatments all begging for early attention.

“There was also the problem of limitations in my insurance coverage and having the necessary funds available to meet the abnormal demands my emergency medical and dental needs presented. A quick professional evaluation showed the dental requirements alone to be largely uncovered by insurance with costs estimated at $10,000 and perhaps much more.

“People could hardly believe what they saw in the examination of my condition. I could only explain that I am a victim of the government game of ‘select and neglect.'” People are told that you are being assigned to an easy ‘white-collar’ institution: But the real truth is that you can then be selectively assigned to hazardous jobs and conditions with no protection, or be selectively sent on extended bus and airplane trips in chains with hardened and dangerous criminals where you remain harshly bound hand and foot, for 18 to 20 hours a day in the most cramped and confining circumstances — a treatment called ‘diesel therapy.’ Blood circulation and pinched nerves never quite recover from this as my current health situation will attest.

It is this selective treatment that seriously undermines your health to begin with. Then you get the second phase which is the neglect treatment, where you are denied or cleverly discouraged from obtaining needed medical and dental relief — a very painful time when you are dealing with painful abscesses and infection, severe swellings, open sores and even more serious matters involving internal organs. Having most of my perfectly good teeth rapidly deteriorate to shattered remnants broken off at the gum line or in painful splintered condition can only prompt your imagination as to the pain involved — without relief — and that was only the dental part of the problem.

“This is the “Gulag” or political prisoner operation that goes on in federal prisons (and others), where former public officials and law enforcement officers often find themselves singled out for that “select and neglect” process. The federal prosecutor in my own case, (now overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court) Reid Weingarten, has publicly verified this kind of treatment in federal prison. Mr. Weingarten, who conducted the improper prosecution against me, is now a criminal attorney defending a former FBI official who was an investigator of public corruption and served as FBI liaison to the White House. The Washington Post of Sunday, July 28, 1996, in a feature article Weingarten ‘a star federal prosecutor’ and quotes his concern for his client who served a 12 month sentence in federal prison.

Weingarten said:

`It was leaked to guards that (my client) had been FBI. He was confronted constantly by guards who took him for a spy and by any inmate with a generic grudge against law enforcement. He came back a shell of himself…he was crushed and deliberately.’

“I was in prison four times as long as Weingarten’s client and I didn’t allow myself to become a ‘shell.’ However, I did suffer the same kind of abusive treatment which tore me up physically and which I am now struggling to repair and deal with.

“My medical and dental condition has become a scandal to many leaders of Congress in Washington, both House and Senate, who have asked me to present my ‘souvenirs’ in line with legislative and oversight responsibilities.

This has been done twice… During these ‘show and tell’ visits, I have wryly joked with these Congressmen about my visit to Iran in 1979 where I was taken through the torture chambers of the Shah’s main prison and shown where shins were broken, teeth smashed and nails pulled. Never did I dream that I would later have shins, teeth and nails to match from being wrongfully sent to prison in the United States of America.”

Upon his return to Pocatello from Washington, D.C. he wrote a letter to his former colleagues, giving them a further medical update:

“To capsulize, I’ve been and continue to be involved with oral surgery, root canals and periodontal repair involving sixteen different doctors; and concurrently I have been and continue to be in the care of medical specialists of all sorts for serious infection in the legs, feet, body organs, chest and shoulder muscles. The diagnoses have included inflammatory bursitis, serious neural damage, E.Coli, troubling irregularities of bodily functions, severe and permanent debilitating stasis, dermatitis of the legs, and severe toe disorders, secondary pedal edema accompanied by painful fungus infection (secondary to being shackled with legs in a dependent position for long periods of time and from confinement).

“Obviously, this has necessitated the use of heavy dosages of medication to relieve the inflammation, control E. Coil and fungus and dental infections. and to alleviate pain. This has largely prevented me from doing any real or sustained work, except unavoidable maintenance tasks. I am hopeful that this intensive treatment and continuing recuperation will allow me to increasingly get back to full and normal productivity at a reasonably early time. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you.”


While continuing to recuperate, former Congressman Hansen is busy trying to awaken his former colleagues to the corruption which is now rampant in our government. RMNews reprints this confidential letter without revealing to whom it was written and faxed on January 7, 1997:

“…I have discussed the matter of providing you with the basic information on the genesis of the Ron Brown (Department of Commerce) corruption process (worldwide), beginning with Viet Nam, spreading like cancer to other nations wholesale, and exploding with the Lippo Bank (Taiwan, etc.).

[ED: Just as Rep. Ron Brown was about to blow the whistle on the Clinton government, he was killed in a mysterious plane crash… or so the government said, until an autopsy showed that he had apparently been first shot in the head. This is one reason why Congress is so afraid to actually do anything significant to clean up government. It also accounts for the confidentiality of this letter. As George Hansen well knows, the shadowy power players behind the scenes are dangerous psychopaths. ]

You indicated this could be most helpful, so I talked to the former high political official mentioned, and he is most willing to help give you a confidential start — this could involve more than one knowledgeable individual.

“…with regard to our discussion on the delicate but provable fact that the CIA is keeping two sets of books to deceive Congress and maintain a very dangerous and dirty operation, I am prepared to back up this charge with reliable evidence and experts from the DEA, DIA, CIA, and Department of Justice — and also establish the surprising extent to which the CIA (and affiliates) is saturating the street corners and school yards of America. [ED: with drugs] It’s dangerous to challenge these people (provable) and a reluctance exists on the part of legislative committees because of many ‘staff technicians’ maintaining allegiance and rapport with the agencies from which they were recruited. This seems to be a matter for the independent consideration of your committee which enjoys no conflict of interest, and the courage of a fearless Chairman. Certain other Members of Congress are in position to be helpful in this (both parties). Hopefully, this can be discussed meaningfully soon (while the best proof remains current and available).”


The following confidential document generated from the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee on the same day that Congressman Hansen faxed the preceding letter, January 7, 1997:

“This Committee on Government Reform and Oversight reorganizes today in the face of awesome and unusual challenges for which we are particularly prepared to effectively deal with, and for which there is little tolerance among cynical and frustrated citizens for lack of action.

“Politics as usual and scandalous government corruption have created great alarm and distrust of public agencies and officials, particularly at the federal level where we have jurisdiction and responsibility.

“The last half of this century has seen our government repeatedly and increasingly engage in acts of violence and abuse against its own citizens and then lie, manipulate and coverup to avoid detection and responsibility.

Key enforcement agencies of the Justice Department, including the FBI, as well as the CIA and IRS are wallowing in scandal and citizen abuse — often sensationally fatal.

“This blatant corruption and failure of government operations is clearly widespread and goes to the highest levels regardless of politics while partisan fingers point at others and reform lays in gridlock. Congress has an especially difficult problem in instituting real reform because the legislative committees generally staff heavily from ‘the technicians’ in the agencies they oversee, (RMSnews translation: In other words, the CIA etc, place their own people on legislative committees to insure nothing is done which would harm the CIA, IRS, etc.) and a cocoon of self-serving protectiveness develops to retard objective oversight. This is why this Committee is ideally suited to become the real Legislative ombudsman to a frustrated and cynical public desperate for reform and relief — we do not have that built-in conflict of interest.

“Obviously this Committee does not have the resources to deal with the mass of legitimate complaints that could be pressed upon us, but we can aggressively pursue issues on a worst-first basis while providing an interested ear to citizens hopeful of germinating a case upon proper presentation of evidence. And it’s only fair that our efforts be as even-handed and bi-partisan as possible.

“There is no question that cynical citizens want answers to such current questions as campaign finances and the influence of foreign funds on elections and government operations. We plan to deal with this immediately.

But somewhere along the line, it might be appropriate to find out why we’ve had fifty years of uninterrupted Presidential deception from the U-2, through Cuba and Gulf of Tonkin and Watergate, to Iran-Contra, and the current reported cover-ups. Also, Presidents continue to feel they can use federal enforcement agencies as their personal pit bulls. Why? No doubt, victims of the holocaust would like to know why this government sat on this issue throughout WWII; and the victims of our government secret chemical and nuclear tests on citizens deserve honest answers and just compensation. This committee does indeed face awesome and unusual challenges. May we rise to the success the public prays for. Confidential”

If the Government Reform and Oversight Committee follows through on this letter, maybe there is hope for America. This letter is the brightest hope out of Washington in decades.


Detroit, now synonymous with failure and decline, was once the emblem of American progress and prosperity. As the late biographer and scholarMatthew Josephson observed in the 1920s: “Nowhere in the world may the trend of the new industrial cycle be perceived more clearly than in Detroit. In this sense it is the most modern city in the world, the city of tomorrow.” University of Michigan historian Jeffrey Mirel puts it this way: “Throughout the 1920s, Detroit was the shining star of the new era, the very center of the American economic universe, where capitalism and technology combined to produce the greatest goods for the greatest numbers.”

To most Americans, Detroit is best known as the home of the “Big Three” auto makers—General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler—who made the U.S. and the rest of the world mobile. During the decades of the early to mid twentieth century, the auto industry’s need for massive quantities of steel, glass, copper, and (later) plastic gave rise to numerous enterprises related to car manufacture that employed hundreds of thousands of additional blue-collar workers in and around the city. The assembly line was perfected here, and brought with it the idea that a middle-class lifestyle could be enjoyed by industrial workers.

In World War II, Detroit was the arsenal of democracy, producing tanks, jeeps and a host of other weapons that helped win the war. In the postwar years the city boomed, building American cars that in turn symbolized the American Dream—of mobility, financial stability, and success. By the 1950s Detroit had grown to become the fifth largest city in the United States, home to nearly two million residents. By 1960, it had the highest per capita income of any city in the country.

As the Sixties progressed, Motown Records—founded in Detroit by one of its native sons, Berry Gordy Jr.— produced such megastars as Diana Ross and the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, the Jackson Five, the Temptations, the Four Tops, the Commodores, and Gladys Knight & the Pips who made the music America hummed. The city school system, meanwhile, turned out capable graduates. Hard as it is to believe today—when Detroit has the desolate, bombed-out look of a conquered nation—a generation ago there were few more exciting and attractive places for Americans to live.

But amidst the good times, the seeds of Detroit’s future disintegration were being sown. In some cases this occurred in very obvious ways that everyone could plainly see, most notably a rising militancy among local community organizers angered by what they perceived to be the slow pace of civil-rights reforms. Rev. Albert Cleague and other Detroit-area activists openly called for black separatism and self-determination, on the premise that whites would never voluntarily choose to share political power with blacks. At a July 1967 Black Power rally in Detroit, the radical H. Rap Brown gave voice to the city’s growing unrest when he warned that if “Motown” did not make sufficient reforms, “we are going to burn you down.”

In other ways, the seeds of Detroit’s eventual decline germinated quietly, scarcely noticed, and with implications that few could appreciate at the time. Most significantly, in 1961 the reins of political power in the city fell permanently into Democratic Party hands. In the 53 years that have passed since then, Detroit has not had a single Republican mayor. Indeed it has elected only one Republican to its City Council since 1970. As it has become a political monoculture, it has also become a failed city.

The first mayor of Detroit’s Democratic Party era, Jerome Cavanagh (1962-70), was a proud white liberal who greatly expanded the role of government in his city and took pains to appoint blacks to prominent positions in his administration—including police chief.

Cavanagh also served on the “Model Cities” task force that President Lyndon Johnson launched in 1966 as part of his Great Society and War on Poverty programs. Distantly echoing Soviet efforts to rebuild urban areas in Eastern Europe, this centralized approach to urban development was seen in the ’60s as the hallmark of a new era. Along with United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther, Cavanagh persuaded President Johnson to designate a nine-square-mile section of Detroit—an area where 134,000 people (one-ninth of the city’s population) resided—as a pilot location for the Model Cities initiative. The overriding objective of Model Cities was to demonstrate the amazing things that massive federal grants could accomplish in terms of rehabilitating a physically and socially decrepit neighborhood—i.e., replace slums with publicly financed “affordable housing”; alleviate poverty by injecting rivers of taxpayer money into social programs; provide ghettodwellers with federally funded jobs at municipal and nonprofit agencies; and create a host of job-training, healthcare, educational, and recreational facilities for the poor. In just a few short years, $490 million in federal funds were poured into Detroit to bankroll these programs. On top of this, Cavanaugh was able to get Michigan’s state legislature to pass a “commuter tax” and a new income tax that would help pay for the Model Cities program and would beborne entirely by “the rich.”

The government giveaways not only failed to imbue their beneficiaries with the values and motivations necessary for upward mobility, but actually fostered resentment at the paternalism embedded in the Model Cities program—the idea that “disadvantaged” people’s decisions about where they could live, where they could build businesses, and how they should run those enterprises should be micromanaged by a bureaucratic elite.

In the final analysis, for all the hugger mugger at its launching, Detroit’s Model City program proved to be little more than a boondoggle into which at least half-a-billion taxpayer dollars purchased precious little in terms of urban regeneration. Some contend that the program “worked,” in the sense that it temporarily—albeit at an unsustainable cost—decreased poverty and unemployment slightly in the targeted communities. But instead of encouraging entrepreneurship and self-reliance, it promoted mainly dependence on government. Thus the program led to no lasting gains for its “beneficiaries.” By 1990, Detroit’s Model City area had lost 63% of its population and 45% of its housing units. On balance, most analysts now view the program as having been a dismal failure.

Mayor Cavanaugh’s political and economic policies failed not only to resuscitate Detroit’s blighted neighborhoods, but also to assuage the percolating rage of local black militants. With every guilty gesture of appeasement and recompense that the mayor made, the radicals only grew more righteously indignant at the inadequacy of those gestures. In short, a “revolution of rising expectations” was intractably gaining momentum. And then, in July 1967, Detroit was the scene of the decade’s most horrific race riot—43 deaths, nearly 1,200 injuries, over 7,200 arrests, and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed. The effects of this calamity would not be short-lived. Indeed the riots triggered a massive “white flight” out of central Detroit, which saw at least 140,000 people move away within a mere 18 months. With a large share of its tax base thus depleted, the city would never be the same again.

By now the Democratic Party—increasingly radicalized by the growing influence of the New Left—had seized control of the city and made it into a laboratory experiment for destructive urban policies. Then in 1974, Democrat Coleman Young, a secret member of Communist Party USA, began a 20-year stint as Detroit’s first black mayor. His tenure in office was disastrous for the city on many levels, including its finances. It was under Young’s leadership that Detroit’s debt rating first reached junk status. Manhattan Institute scholarSteven Malanga writes that Young, from an economic standpoint, “lacked a plan except to go to war with the city’s major institutions and demand that the federal government save it with subsidies,” a strategy that critics referred to as “tin-cup urbanism.” The eminent political scientist James Q. Wilson, for his part, wrote that by the end of Young’s mayoralty, Detroit was “a fiscal and social wreck.”

Young also helped poison the waters of black-white relations in Detroit. Rather than try to ease the city’s racial tensions, he inflamed them by playing the race card to maintain his hold on city hall. The mayor routinely denigratedDetroit’s police force and engaged in an “us-against-them” style of politics that essentially branded anyone who opposed him as a “racist.” This toxic contrivance, on clear display at the highest levels of city government, increased racial polarization, drove multitudes of whites out of the city, and helped plunge Detroit ever deeper into social and economic chaos. By 1987,34% of Detroit residents were on welfare rolls—more than 4 times as many as in 1967. During that same period, nearly 200,000 jobs were lost in the city. Former New York Times ombudsman and TIME editor Daniel Okrent has portrayed Young’s mayoralty as the “corrosive two-decade rule of a black politician who cared more about retribution than about resurrection.” TheWashington Post, similarly, has described Young as someone who promoted “racial divisiveness” and “did little to try and mend fences broken down along racial lines.”

Nowhere was this more apparent than in Young’s policies vis à vis law-enforcement. Dividing his city’s police department along racial lines, the mayor created separate layoff lists for white and black officers—so as to ensure that if ever it were to become necessary to trim the police force to any degree, the number of black officers affected could be limited. Young made it clear, moreover, that policing practices which resulted in disproportionately high numbers of arrests or citations of African Americans would not be tolerated. As one black officer bluntly told journalist Tamar Jacoby: “I wouldn’t write tickets for black kids.”

In 1976 Young did indeed cut the Detroit police force by 20% as a means of addressing the city’s budget deficit, and Detroit became one of the most violent cities in the United States. Throughout the course of Young’s two decades as mayor, the city’s homicide rate was about twice as high as it had been in 1964. By 1987 the city’s homicide rate was 3 times higher than it had been two decades earlier. But when local residents complained about runaway crime, the mayor sneered that their calls for “law and order” were nothing more than “code” for “Keep the ni–ers in their place.”

Young further debased Detroit law-enforcement by putting his own corrupt people in charge of it. Most notably he appointed as police chief his close friend William Hart, who in 1992 was convicted of embezzling $1.3 million from a police undercover anti-drug fund—money which he then lavished on female paramours while lying repeatedly to cover up his crimes; Hart was eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison for his crime.

For good measure, Young also appointed his business associate and former investment advisor Kenneth Weiner—who had no prior police experience—as Detroit’s civilian deputy police chief. While in that post, Weiner conspiredwith William Hart to illegally divert another $1.3 million to phony corporations that Weiner controlled. For this, Weiner would be incarceratedfor five years. In yet another matter, Weiner was convicted of all 40 counts against him for his role in a pyramid scheme through which he and Coleman Young had duped investors out of millions of dollars.

It should be noted that corruption has remained a hallmark of Detroit politics ever since Young’s tenure. Some lowlights:

  • In 2006, former Detroit City Council member Alonzo Bateswas convicted of having improperly put one of his relatives on the city payroll, a transgression for which he was sentenced to 33 months in prison.
  • In 2009, Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers, wife of U.S. House Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges and went on to serve 27 months in a federal penitentiary.
  • In 2008, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick agreed to resign from his office and spend four months in jail for two obstruction-of-justice felony counts.
  • In 2010, Kilpatrick was sentenced to additional jail time for violating the terms of his probation related to the 2008 conviction.
  • In March 2013, Kilpatrick was found guilty of 24 offenses including fraud, racketeering and extortion.
  • In 2012, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. retired when it became publicly known that he was sexually involved with a female officer in the department.
  • In 2013, two Detroit city officials—pension-fund lawyer Ronald Zajac and Police & Fire pension trustee Paul Stewart—wereindicted in a bribery scandal.

Not surprisingly, a recent poll of Detroit residents found that they largely hold their city’s public officials in very low esteem. But this has not, as noted earlier, stopped them from continuing to vote for Democratic political candidates with near unanimity.

Under the unbroken chain of Democrats who have led the city ever since 1961, Detroit has taken on some of the characteristics of an experiment in the creation of a social underclass. Its population today is 82.7% black and 10.6% white, a statistical fact that necessarily skews the city’s politics heavily toward the Democratic Party, given that African Americans overwhelmingly self-identify as Democrats. Moreover, traditional nuclear families are rarely seen in Detroit. The city’s out-of-wedlock birth rate exceeds 75%, and married-parent families with children younger than 18 constitute only 9.2% of all residents. This phenomenon, too, is in large measure a by-product of the city’s large black population, as the black illegitimacy rate nationwide is currently73%.

Economic hardship in the Motor City is both widespread and profound. Indeed the population of Detroit has a per capita income of just $14,861(scarcely half the national average), a median household income of $26,955(about half the national median), and a poverty rate of 38.1% (about 2.5 timesthe U.S. average). Approximately 34.5% of Detroit residents receive food stamps, and the city’s unemployment rate is above 18%. Even more significant is Detroit’s paltry 54.3% work-force participation rate, a measure of all people who either have a job or are looking for one. The other 45.7%, meanwhile, are neither employed nor seeking work of any kind. Since 1970, the number of Detroiters with jobs has dropped by more than 53%.

Detroit’s economic malaise has been brought about by decades of irresponsible practices that sociologist Thomas Sowell has nicknamed the “Detroit Pattern,” a reference to the city’s custom of “increasing taxes, harassing businesses, and pandering to unions.” These three factors bear closer examination:

1) Taxes

Because of Detroit’s middle-class population exodus and eroding tax base, city leaders have tried repeatedly from the 1960s onward to regain lost revenue through tax increases. Today, Detroit’s property-tax rates today are the highest in the nation. When the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in 2011analyzed the effective property-tax rates in America’s 50 largest cities (i.e. those with a population of more than 350,000), it found that Detroit not only imposed the top rates on private homes, but also on apartment, commercial, and industrial buildings. In fact, Detroit’s tax rates are generally twice as high as the overall average nationwide. This trend has succeeded only in driving businesses away and causing taxpayers to relocate to the suburbs in still-larger numbers. By 2012, Detroit’s tax revenues—notwithstanding the high rates—were 40% lower, in constant 2012 dollars, than they had been in 1962.

Another reason why Detroit’s stratospheric tax rates have resulted in meagergovernment revenues is because of the city’s rapidly declining property values. Over the past half-century, the total assessed value of property in Detroit has fallen (in inflation-adjusted dollars) by 77%. The median home price in Motown is now just $40,000, and many dwellings in the city’s most blighted areas sell for less than $1,000.

In an effort to exploit this trend for their own advantage, many Detroit homeowners (who bought their houses when prices were higher) purposely allow themselves to be foreclosed upon. They then re-purchase the same properties at a greatly reduced cost, thus legally wiping out their outstanding debt. Six hundred Detroit homes were repurchased in this manner in 2012 alone.

The non-payment of property taxes has also become a widespread phenomenon in Detroit. In 2012, for example, some 47% of all homeowners in the city elected not to pay their taxes—mainly because the city’s cash-strapped government had failed to provide most of the basic services normally funded by such revenues.

(2) Harassing Businesses

In recent decades, the Democrats in control of Detroit have cultivated an oppressive climate for small businesses by instituting a complex constellation of protectionist regulations on all manner of enterprise. In 2013, economist Dean Stansel conducted an “economic freedom” study that ranked the regulatory and tax climates of 384 U.S. metro areas, and found that Detroit placed a lowly 345th. The Institute For Justice (IFJ) observes that the massive amounts of “time and money” that business owners must expend in order to comply with “all the regulatory requirements” of Detroit’s “stupefying bureaucracy” cause many aspiring entrepreneurs to “simply give up their business dreams.” Adds IFJ:

“Multiple inspections and inspection fees, incomprehensible building requirements, expensive, mandatory public hearings, arbitrary discretion by officials, and lengthy processing delays combine to discourage entrepreneurs from undertaking business ventures or improving existing ones. From sign taxes to restrictions on planting trees, the bureaucratic shuffle has gotten so out of hand that one business owner explained, ‘We operate on the basis that we just do what we want to do and the permits will catch up with us sometime.’”

According to one survey, 56% of small-business owners in Detroit are unsure whether they are operating in full compliance with the law.

(3) Pandering to Unions

Detroit’s network of nearly incomprehensible business regulations is largely the creation of its vast public bureaucracy, which is dominated by approximately four-dozen labor unions that reflexively object to any proposals advocating the privatization of the services they provide. Over time, the long succession of Democratic political administrations that have run Detroit have lavished such high salaries and lucrative pensions and health-benefit packages on members of these unions (whom they regard as their core political constituency), that it is now virtually impossible for the city to balance its budget and meet its financial obligations. One of the consequences of this unholy alliance between Democrat politicans and union bosses is that current employee contributions can’t keep pace with the needs of current pension recipients.

When America’s manufacturing decline hit Detroit a few decades ago, city leaders did not take steps to reduce the size of their government, as would have been prudent. Instead they increased government spending to unprecedented levels. As a study by the Heritage Foundation found:

“[F]ollowing in the footsteps of the automakers, [they] acquiesced to the unions by increasing employee benefits, especially future pensions and retiree health care. Leaders also ceded control and flexibility over employees to unions in their labor contracts, making it much more difficult to cut costs or restructure the workforce when and as needed. To attempt to pay for it all, Detroit continually increased taxes and engaged in prolific borrowing when the tax increases did not close the gap.”

Today Detroit’s government sends monthly checks (with an average value of$1,600 apiece) to some 21,000 public-sector retirees and their families. This is more than twice the number of workers (9,700) who are currently employed by the city. The pension obligations that Detroit owes to its retirees account for about half of the city’s $18 to $20 billion in long-term unfunded debt.

By early 2013, Detroit’s finances had become so chaotic that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed attorney Kevyn Orr to serve as the city’s emergency financial manager in a last-resort effort to avoid the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. According to The New York Times, Orr, in that position, was authorized “to cut city spending, change contracts with labor unions, merge or eliminate city departments, urge the sale of city assets and even, if all else fail[s], recommend bankruptcy proceedings.”

Orr attributed Detroit’s “dysfunctional and wasteful” operations to “years of budgetary restrictions, mismanagement, crippling operational practices and, in some cases, indifference or corruption.” In May 2013 he issued a report stating that the city was “clearly insolvent on a cash flow basis,” that its budget deficit was approaching $386 million, and that fully one-third of its budget was being spent on retiree benefits for former public-sector employees. It was clear that without judicious and substantial cuts to retiree benefits, there would be no stopping this runaway fiscal train. But in July 2013, Detroit’s two largest municipal pension funds filed suit in state court specifically to prevent Orr from instituting such cuts. The proverbial writing was on the wall, thus Detroit went ahead and filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Another major financial drain on taxpayers has been the money that the city spends on its Detroit Public School (DPS) system—more than $15,500 per pupil, or nearly 50% more than the national average. Notwithstanding these enormous outlays, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan characterized DPS as a “national disgrace” in 2009.

That same year, DPS was put under the control of an emergency financial manager—the Washington, DC board of education’s former president, Robert Bobb—in an attempt to prevent bankruptcy. Before long, Bobb found that many of DPS’s financial problems stemmed from willful corruption. For instance:

  • In June 2009, Bobb enlisted the services of a team of forensic accounting analysts who discovered that 257 “ghost” employees were illegally receiving paychecks from DPS.
  • Two months later, seven additional public officials werecharged with felonies for operating an embezzlement scheme that siphoned tens of thousands of dollars out of the school system.
  • It was also discovered that some 500 people who had been illegally enrolled as healthcare-plan dependents were costing the school district millions of dollars per year.
  • In 2012, a DPS contract accountant and her daughter, who was a schoolteacher, were indicted by the FBI on charges of fraud, conspiracy, and tax offenses.

The appointment of DPS’s emergency manager, however, did nothing to improve student performance. In the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a U.S. Department of Education standardized test, fourth- and eighth-graders in the city’s public schools currently read at a level that is 73% below the national average, and lower than that of students in any other urban school district in the country. Similarly, the reading skills of Detroit’s eighth-graders are 60% below the national average, and their math scores in 2009 were the lowest ever recorded in the then-40-year history of the exam.

It should be noted, however, that DPS was not always the colossal failure that it is today. In 1923, for instance, Alice Barrows of the U.S. Bureau of Education stated, “Detroit must be put foremost in the ranks of cities which have made a newer and better education possible.” In a survey of school superintendents two years later, Detroit schools ranked first in the nation in organizational efficiency and visual instruction, and third in “excellence in teaching reading, writing, composition, and arithmetic.” In 1927, New Republic described the Detroit school system as “one of the finest in the world.”

Things began to deteriorate markedly in the 1950s, when, as historian Jeffrey Mirel writes, “the liberal-labor-black coalition that formed in the late 1940s took control of the school system.” From that point onward, school officials in Detroit deemphasized traditional basic skills and focused instead on the need for “interesting, attractive and constructive courses” to hold students’ interest. They called for the expansion of “relevant” programs like vocational education, driver training, and “family living.” Asserting that such measures “unquestionably diluted the quality of the high school program,” Mirel writesthat “[b]y the early 1960s, the [liberal-labor-black] coalition had substantially altered the direction of school policies and programs in Detroit.” Conservatives of the period, meanwhile, lamented that “a majority of … graduates” could not “spell many of the simple words in everyday use”; had “no grounding in literature, English, arithmetic, disipline, or any practical knowledge”; and were “totally unprepared for advanced study or the ordinary tasks of life.”

After several more decades of Democratic leftist leadership, Detroit schools are now worse than ever. Consider, for instance, the results of exams that the Michigan Educational Assessment Program administered in 2012-13 to measure students’ abilities in a variety of different subject areas:

  • The percentage of students whose scores indicated proficiency inmath were: 15.7% of third-graders; 18.8% of fourth-graders; 17% of fifth-graders; 13.6% of sixth-graders; 13.2% of seventh-graders; and fewer than 11.1% of eighth-graders.
  • The percentage of students whose scores indicated proficiency inreading were: 42.7% of third-graders; 40.7% of fourth-graders; 44.5% of fifth-graders; 45.3% of sixth-graders; 33% of seventh-graders; and 45.8% of eighth-graders.
  • Only fifth- and eighth-graders were tested in science, and fewer than 10% of each group registered scores that indicated proficiency.
  • Only sixth- and ninth-graders were tested in social studies, and fewer than 10% of each group registered scores that indicated proficiency.
  • Only fourth- and seventh-graders were tested in writing, and just 19.5% of the former and 28% of the latter registered scores that indicated proficiency.

As of June 2012, a miniscule 1.8% of DPS high-school seniors were considered capable of doing college-level work. Even at what is recognized as the district’s top secondary school, Renaissance High, only 10% of the students were considered “college ready.”

By no means are the parents of these underachieving children blind to the fact that DPS is an academic basket case. A recent survey of Detroit-area parents found that 79% of respondents did not want their children educated by the city’s public schools.

Sadly, there is evidence that the substandard education which Detroit’s public-school students receive has lasting effects that will haunt them for the rest of their lives: Researchers report that 47% of the city’s adult residents are functionally illiterate.

Apart from its catastrophic fiscal and educational problems, Detroit has long ranked as one of the most dangerous places in the United States. Each year from 2009 through 2013, for instance, Forbes magazine rated Detroit as America’s Most Dangerous City. FBI data confirm that Detroit’s metro division has the highest violent-crime rate in the nation. Indeed the city’s homicide rate is now at its highest level in 40 years, and is more than 10 times greater than the national average. In addition, the robbery rate in Detroit is about 6.1 times the national average; the assault rate is 5.5 times the national average; and property crimes like burglary and auto theft occur at rates that are 3 and 7 times higher, respectively, than the national average.

The crime rates that plague Detroit are exacerbated by the fact that the city’s financial woes have necessitated budget (and manpower) cuts to the local police force. Thus, when Detroit residents place a phone call seeking help from the city’s understaffed police department, they must wait an average of 58 minutes for an officer to arrive on the scene. The average wait nationwide, by contrast, is 11 minutes.

Given this brief profile of steep urban decline, it is hardly surprising that aForbes magazine analysis named Detroit as America’s “most miserable” city in 2013. Signs of this misery are everywhere. For example, Detroit:

  • has been the site of 11,000 to 12,000 fires every year for the past decade;
  • currently has just 370 functioning street lights per square mile, compared to 812 for Cleveland and 785 for St. Louis;
  • has seen more than half of its parks close down since 2008; and
  • has approximately 99,000 vacant housing units (out of a total of 363,000).

Detroit’s social and economic entropy in recent decades has resulted in a staggering population decline. Between 1950 and 2012, the city’s populationshrank from 1.85 million to 685,000. Nor is there any reason to believe that this trend will reverse itself anytime soon. In 2012 a Detroit News poll found that 40% of Detroiters hoped to leave the city within five years.
This piece was posted in May 2014.


They Told Her ‘God Doesn’t Belong in America’, and Her Response Gave Me the Chills

There is no doubt that Christianity is under attack in America, with atheists groups trying to remove any vestige of faith from the public square and attacking anyone who is brave enough to stand up and speak openly about their belief in God. One girl has had enough, and when she was told that God doesn’t belong in America, she had a stunning response.

karis peters

The Bible says “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” (Proverbs 22:6). If America is going to survive for generations to come, we must have a moral revolution in our nation. And that revolution begins at home and in our children and youth.

As we have seen from great leaders of old, God often uses children and young people to bring about a cry that will wake up nations. Samuel, David, Daniel, Esther, Josiah… these people stood up from a young age and answered the call of God to be like John the Baptist, “a voice crying in the wilderness” to prepare the way of the Lord.

Karis Peters is one such girl who is standing for modern day America when she spoke at the 2015 ACE International Convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She recited a revised version of Carman’s “We Need God In America Again”. And boy do her words ring true and timely for our nation today.

We need more people to be courageous like this young girl, and be unapologetic about their faith — and unwilling to hide it. This is a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, and we shouldn’t let people blathering on about the non-existent “separation of church and state” take that away.