Bernie Sanders is a socialist communist sheep dog

Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist from Vermont is running for the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party to the delight of many on the left.

Not only are progressives delighted but are putting their money where their mouth is as well:
While unlike Rubio, Cruz, and Paul, Sanders may not have fat cat donors, what he does have is an army of grassroots supporters — everyday Americans who are sick of the system, sick of the Koch brothers and want to wrest the country out of the hands of the greedy, Politicus notes.

Sanders has his own website where he sets out his policies. Even those relatively far to the left such as the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism applaud Sanders’ decision to run and note that Sanders’ left-wing populism is as American as apple pie. Sanders is quoted approvingly when he announced he was running for president:

“Ever since I was a kid I never liked to see people without money or connections get put down or pushed around. When I came to Congress I tried to be a voice for people who did not have a voice—the elderly, the children, the sick, and the poor. And that is what I will be doing as a candidate for president.”

While running for the president and presenting his progressive ideas to the American people is certainly a positive result, several articles in leftist publications suggest that the real function of Sander’s run for presidency is to make sure the left stays within the two party system and ultimately supports Hillary Clinton for president. He is, in effect, a socialist sheep dog whose function is to herd left activists and their base into the Democratic corral, Two articles, one in the Black Agenda by Bruce Dixon and the other in Jacobin both argue that Sander’s role is to prevent leftists from opting for a third party.
Sanders sits as an independent although he votes almost all the time with the Democrats. One might ask why he would run for the Democratic nomination for president rather than running for the president as an independent as others such as Ralph Nader have done. This would give him even more opportunities to present his ideas to large numbers of Americans. Instead of doing that, he is running for the Democratic nomination, a race he has about zero chance of winning. Meanwhile activists time and money is being diverted from other activities to his campaign within the Democratic party. In the summer of 2016 when this all ends no doubt Hillary Clinton will win. Then what will Sanders do? He tells us in an interview with George Stephanopolous on ABC news:
STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?
SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.
Another copy of this video since youtube block some of this videos:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?
SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I’ve been very clear about that.
Dixon gives examples of other sheep dogs used to keep the left within the Democratic party, including Jesse Jackson and Dennis Kucinich. No doubt Elizabeth Warren is another example in this campaign. She refuses to run as an independent as many of her supporters want and has declared her support for Hillary Clinton. Dixon maintains that after electoral victory the left bloc that has been shepherded back into the fold often has little influence on policy. He notes that Obama in many areas has simply followed Bush and on medicare refused to even consider the type of universal system common to almost all advanced capitalist countries.
Ashley Smith in the Jacobin points out that Sanders could have built up support for an independent left in several ways rather than running for the presidential nomination for the Democrats. He could have run as an independent or alternatively he could have run for governor of Vermont as an independent where he would have an excellent chance of winning over the Democratic incumbent. Sanders is the most popular politician In Vermont. Surprisingly many activists including more than 50 from the Occupy Wall Street movement have formed People for Sanders. Their founding statement says:

“We support Bernie Sanders in his bid to become the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. We stand firmly behind Senator Sanders as the strongest progressive possibility in the race right now. His commitment to our values is one of longstanding commitment. Sanders is the bold alternative.”

The statement fails to mention that Sanders has opposed several moderate gun control bills. This may not be too surprising since Vermont has high gun ownership and lax gun laws. He also believes that gun control laws probably do not reduce gun violence and that there is “elitism in the anti-gun movement” However, there is one very pernicious bill Sanders supported:
In 2005, a Republican-dominated Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).
Communists always lie:

This law doesn’t protect gun owners; it protects gun manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers. The PLCAA was the No. 1 legislative priority of the National Rifle Association for years, because it shields gun makers and dealers from most liability when their firearms are used criminally. It is one of the most noxious pieces of pro-gun legislation ever passed. And Bernie Sanders voted for it. (Sanders’ campaign has not replied to a request for comment.)
Saunders also has stressed Israel’s right to defend itself and while critical of Israel’s excesses in the Gaza war tends to stress the responsibility of Hamas for what is happening following the Israeli line on the issue as indicated in the video of a rather raucous town hall meeting.
Not only are Sanders and Warren drawing leftists and activists into the Democratic party, Hillary also is joining the left populist chorus talking about issues such as inequality and criminal justice reform. Hillary welcomed Sander’s entry into the presidential race saying:

“I agree with Bernie. Focus must be on helping America’s middle class. GOP would hold them back. I welcome him to the race.”

The final act is for Sanders is to urge the left to support Hillary or whatever other mainstream candidate is elected to run for the Democrats. As long as there are sheep dogs and establishment candidates mouthing populist rhetoric there is little hope of a third party being developed or any real alternative to a two-party system which ultimately ends up serving mostly big business with perhaps a few more crumbs trickling down to the rest of the populace when the Democrats win.


Conspiracy is when two or more people work in secret for evil purposes…

By definition, a conspiracy is when two or more people work in secret for evil purposes. The John Birch Society believes this definition fits a number of groups working against the independence of the United States. Extensive study has shown us that history is rarely accidental.

Does Kin Davis have a crusade against gay marriage?

US Media maintain an evil agenda by attacking Christians as they are doing today with Kim Davis

This is the news the media is spreading today against Christians.

yahoo news delinquency
yahoo news delinquency

In US there are hundreds of orphans, and elderly homeless. and is being legislated in favor of minorities with sexual preferences? You can marry a donkey that does not help or offend anyone. Some of this same sick couples even adopt orphans to rape them in many cases and the media keep the complicity by making silence… today Yahoo News puppets of the NWO also have said that Kin Davis has a crusade against ‘gay marriage’ in the US. They are simply forgetting that the 1st amendment of the US Constitution calls for freedom of religion. so as we can conclude the lobby gay never had the intention to call for equality but they want to impose their style of life. That is not equality for all, that’s delinquency and this is happening today in the US.

Evil men who control society, the Power Elite, have allowed the homosexual activists to garner for themselves what power they have vicariously.

The Homosexual Lobby has become a powerful force in Western World. However, ultimately, this power is not theirs, for , the people with the real power in the world, the Power Elite, have allowed the homosexual activists to garner for themselves what power they have vicariously. If the evil men who control society, the Power Elite, the Global Elite, did not want homosexuals to have this political power they would not have it. Therefore, there is a reason for the sudden rise in the power and expectations of the sodomite.

The reason why the Homosexual Lobby has been gifted such power is this. The Global Elite that control much of the temporal affairs of the world and especially the political process, media and academia of the Corrupt Liberal Democracies that now make up Western Civilisation are the front group for a much darker, concentrated power. Behind this coterie of wealthy and powerful people –the likes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds- are a few men who truly control much of the temporal affairs of this world. These very few men are the true Lords of Power on Earth.. Gentle reader, the true temporal power on Earth is not found and exercised in parliaments, senates, and congresses, but in the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies. Moreover, true world power is held by very few men; by a Secret Cabal of Power.

These are the Secret Masters of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies. The Occult Hierarchy, the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, which is the ancient Luciferian Priesthood who can claim an ancient lineage of service to Evil going far back in history, back before recorded history began. They are the custodians and guardians of Ancient Plan to Transform Society, which is the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that intends to set up World Empire and eradicate all human liberty and freedom from the face of the Earth. To do this, they must destroy Natural Moral Order on Earth set in place by the supreme Will of God.

Organised Evil sits at the heart of the dark Empire of Secret Societies and the Occult Hierarchy is at its head. They are main human agents of Evil on Earth and the orchestrators of the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government. They are the arbiters of the Ancient, Sinister Plot to Change the World. That is, they orchestrate the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that is often called the New World Order. In other words, they seek to establish conditions on Earth that will be propitious for the establishment of a World Empire under their direct control, that is, the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth, which is the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.

The New Age One World Conspirators seek the destruction of what they call the “Old World Order,” which is Natural Moral Order on Earth set in place by the supreme Will of God. Hence, for centuries, the Confederacy of Evil has marshalled its hosts, and organised itself for its calculated assault on Natural Moral Order, its assault on the Church of Christ and its assault on Western Civilisation. This ancient assault on Moral Order is multifaceted. It is the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy, the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government, called by insiders the “Great Plan.”

A major target of Organised Evil is Natural Moral Order. It has to destroy this before they can claim victory on Earth over God. Thus, the Confederacy of Evil marshalled by the Occult Hierarchy, the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, the ancient Luciferian Priesthood who are the main human agents of Evil on Earth, has worked ceaselessly to bring moral decay to the world, but especial to the Western World. Chief amongst these strategies to destroy Natural Moral Order and so destroy Western Civilisation is homosexuality.

The Lords of Power on Earth have chosen Homosexuality to be the ”inner foe” of moral, ordered society. Moreover, they have foisted it upon modern society by a carefully orchestrated strategy. They have empowered, financed and heavily promoted the Homosexual Lobby, the shocktroops of this unholy and immoral assault on Natural Moral Order on Earth.

Sodomite at Mardi GrrasThe ancient interdiction of homosexuality was predicated on Scripture: and especially the condemnation by God that it is as one of the most loathsome sins. The term Sodomite was not only censorious but also damning when used. The grave connotations attached to this term are the main reason why the Homosexual Lobby has vigorously attempted to render its use Politically Incorrect.

The practice of homosexuality is not merely a political concern but a profoundly spiritual concern. Homosexuality is a spiritually deadly condition that threatens, for different reasons, both its zealots and its enemies. It is this capacity to do great evil to a morally ordered society that homosexuality has been used as an instrument of destruction by the dark spiritual forces plotting to destroy Natural Moral Order on Earth. Very wicked men who are the human agents of Evil have actively supported the rise of the Homosexual Lobby by channelling funding from the great “tax exempt foundations” to support the political and ideological assault on Natural Moral Order on Earth. The Homosexual Lobby has been cultivated and empowered by powerful forces that want to use it as an agent of change and the prominent activists as “change agents.” This is the function of another great lie called Humanism, which is the Rationalist attack on the faith of religion and of the concept of God and the Incarnation of Christ.

Homosexuality is one of many weapons in the armoury of Evil in its assault on Ordered Creation on Earth. Moreover, it is also fundamental to the wicked and evil strategy of the Confederacy of Evil to collapse Western Civilisation. Hence, their lackeys and Useful Idiots posing as Humanists and Professional Liberals use it to attack Natural Moral Order on Earth. The Humanist and the Professional Liberal in the guise of “social libertarians” have sought to move the argument over the morality of Sodomy out of the philosophical and religious arenas and into the political arena.

The rationalist attacks upon organised religion and the successes of science have left the Churches exhausted and secretly shamed. They have all but given up the fight to stop the Homosexual Agenda from succeeding. The Anglican Church is almost destroyed by the twin threats to moral, ordered society: Feminism and Homosexuality. It is a grave situation indeed.

LISTEN: HIV Is Still a Gay Disease

It’s not very politically correct to say it, but HIV remains a crisis in the gay community. In fact, it can be argued that HIV is a gay disease.As gay and bisexual men were dropping dead in the mid-1980s, political strategists realized they had to make a choice. Acknowledge that the epidemic was disproportionately impacting gay and bisexual men — a despised minority in the U.S. — or reposition the epidemic as a threat to every American.

The political choice was to re-cast the threat of the epidemic. By changing the discussion about HIV from what gay and bisexual men were doing sexually to the risk of “innocent” victims — like Ryan White, Kimberly Bergalis, and others (all of whom were white and heterosexual) — Congress was unable to ignore the crisis anymore. They could no longer paint the epidemic as the result of the exotic lives of gay and bisexual men.

In 1990, the political calculation paid off with Congress passing the Ryan White CARE Act and unleashing a flood of federal dollars to AIDS service organizations, most of them created by and for gay and bisexual men. The de-gaying was complete.

When the right wing claims HIV was a gay disease, gay leaders recoiled in rage. HIV, they said, was everyone’s problem. In a big picture snapshot that is accurate. But in the U.S. it’s a lie. The virus is safely encamped in the bodies of men who have sex with other men (a term of epidemiology coined by scientists, which makes trans women — deeply affected by HIV — invisible in the epidemic).

Author John-Manuel Androite says that in the mid-’80s a national coalition called National Organizations Responding to AIDS (NORA) made a decision — a deliberate decision — that echoes even today in how the U.S. addresses HIV.

“What they did was they framed the discussion about HIV for lawmakers in terms of public health; as a public health crisis, not a gay community crisis per se,” Andriote says. “What they did, very intentionally, was to emphasize the impact of HIV on non-gay people, specifically women and children.”

Androite authored the book Victor Deferred: How AIDS Changed Gay America, which tracks the political impact of the epidemic on the LGBT rights movement.

“Unfortunately, the unexpected impact or effect of that de-gaying strategy was that the federal government was very happy to pay attention and focus resources on women and kids,” he says. “But the attitude was still that gay men could sort of fend for themselves.”

At that point, he says, the national LGBT organizations which participated in the NORA coalition, felt their part in addressing the epidemic was over, and could “move on to issues that affect the rest of us, marriage equality in particular, and that just dominated the political discourse for quite some time. Until today I would say.”

This happened at time when two-thirds of people living with HIV in the U.S. were gay or bisexual men; just as it is today, he points out.

Listen to the full interview with Androite below:



“THEY EXCHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD FOR A LIE and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator ….. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.” Romans 1:25-27

Was the Apostle Paul an “intolerant, hate-mongering, homophobe” when he wrote that letter? Absolutely not! On the contrary, he was merely warning of the consequences of the sin. Homosexuality, in most cases, is a progressive addiction, which in many cases leads to death.

The homosexual lifestyle is an extremely dangerous one. According to numerous studies, many of which have been commissioned by homosexual publications; 20% of homosexuals report of participating in sadomasochism where their partner is hurt, scratched, bruised and/or bloodied. 41% of male homosexuals and 8% of lesbians report “fisting”; where the arm is inserted up the rectum of one’s partner. Over 90% of male homosexuals participate in the insertion of the penis into the rectum of their sexual partner’s.

This practice carries great risk for both participants. The rectum was not created to withstand this abuse. Fecal matter can inter through the urethra, and sperm breaks through the single layer of the columnar epithelium of the rectum, causing massive immunological disruptions in the blood system, making the person at much greater risk for infection. It’s no wonder that homosexuals are 245% more apt to report 2 or more sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at a time, than heterosexuals.

The consequences of this behavior is magnified when one looks at the number of partners the average homosexual has in his/her lifetime. Most homosexual sex is performed with strangers. 70% admitting to having sex only once with over half of their partners. The average Homosexual has had 300 to 500 partners during a lifetime. 28% have performed sodomy on over 1000 partners. Only 2% have had monogamous relationships, and those are defined as lasting anywhere between 9 and 60 months.

Of these monogamous relationships;
5% drank urine,
7% incorporated fisting,
33% ingested feces,
53% swallowed semen.

Contrary to media propaganda, these practices are not always taking place “behind closed doors”, in the privacy of one’s own bedroom. According to The Gay Report, a homosexual magazine; the most frequented places to practice homosexual behavior are:

public restrooms;
bus stations,
service stations,
public libraries,
rest stops;
“health clubs” where groups gather to watch others engage in
sodomy or go to private booths for themselves;
“gay bars” and night clubs;
street corners where they “cruise” for others,
“glory holes” (circular holes cut out of partitions between stalls
in public restrooms allowing anonymous oral sodomy with the
person in the next stall);
pornographic bookstores,
peep shows,
movie houses,
public parks where groups gather in the bushes;
beaches and public baths.

In Fact “Bob Damron’s Address Book” lists all of the parks and recreation areas in the country that are frequented for anonymous homosexual activity, so new homosexuals to your town can always know where others congregate.

Vicki Liviakas wrote an article for the New York Times 12/11/93, in which she stated that there was a resurgence of activity in the gay bath houses in San Francisco. They lack self discipline. The young gay male population was more reluctant to practice what they call “safe sex”. A second wave of AIDS is feared by officials in San Francisco. She wrote, “numb with loss, fatalistic about their own survival, unwilling to face a measure of sexual deprivation (or deprive themselves of sex), and eager for the attention showered on the sick and the dying, are again practicing unprotected anal intercourse. Experts say this behavior is increasing the infection rates.” She interviewed a 32 year old airline mechanic recently infected with HIV, he said, “I though if I was HIV positive I’d be so much gayer, people are looking for the red badge of courage and you get that when you convert from being HIV negative to being HIV positive.” They love the attention they get when they get sick.

We must not allow the dominate media culture to pass homosexuality off as “just another lifestyle choice”, equal to that of the heterosexual. It is not!. It is dangerous behavior which destroys the one practicing it, as well as the society that condones it.

However, in our fight against the homosexual agenda, it is important to always offer the two-handed approach; the hand of restraint that says your lifestyle is a dangerous one for yourself and society, and the hand of love and hope. Homosexuals need to know of God’s love and the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

“But such were some of you. But you were washed, sanctified, justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Power of the Spirit of God.” 1 Cor 6:11

The Overhauling Of Straight America

The main vehicle to “Overhaul straight America” is through local, state and federal statues granting homosexuals special minority rights. The ramifications would be far reaching – infringing upon our civil rights:

Ann Hacklander and Maureen Rowe had advertised for a third roommate at the University of Wisconsin @ Madison. They turned down an applicant because she was a lesbian and because of their “Homosexual Rights Ordinance”, the girls were fined $1,000 each, forced to undergo 2 months of an anti-discrimination course taught by lesbians, and monitored for the next year to insure against future discrimination.

Businesses will be required to have homosexual sensitivity training to prevent homophobia in the workplace.

Active affirmative action will be required. A few recent examples:

The Boston Police Department has recently joined the ranks of New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles that actively recruit homosexuals for their police force so they would “reflect the population they serve.”

Teaching the viability of homosexuality in schools through curriculum such as the Rainbow Curriculum, such as Project 10 and Project 21 are doing:

The mother of a lesbian spoke to a group of sociology students at Bismark High, North Dakota on 11/17/93. She spoke on the “intolerance of homosexuality” and handed out several pages of sexual definitions and a questionnaire which asked, “How can you become a whole person if you limit yourself to compulsive, exclusive heterosexuality and fail to develop your natural, healthy, homosexual potentials?”

Homosexual schoolbooks are being implemented in various school systems around the country by PROJECT 21, a United Way funded gay/lesbian group dedicated to infiltrating every school system by the 21st Century (hence Project 21): Gloria goes to Gay Pride (Parade), Heather Has Two Mommies, Daddy’s Roommate, Annie On My Mind and All-American Boys.

A 90-minute pornographic assembly entitled, “HOT, SEXY, AND SAFER?” in which a lesbian comedian performs sexually explicit monologues and sexually suggestive skits with the high school audience. She uses foul four letter words throughout the performance and advocates; oral sex, masturbation, mutual masturbation, condom use during promiscuous premarital sex and homosexual sex.

The LESBIAN AVENGERS handed out Valentine Cards to elementary school children in West Springfield Mass @ Kowling Elementary School this year that said, “Ask About Lesbian Love. Girls who love girls, and women who love women are OK. Happy Valentines Day”. It included an 800 # for the National Gay & Lesbian Hot Line that was an advertisement for “America’s wildest, hottest phone sex service, hot uncensored gay phone sex”. They were able to get in to the school for 15 minutes with a reporter, were kicked off of the grounds and charged with trespassing only.

Gay Pride month in public schools.

Forcing Boy Scouts to have homosexual scoutmasters. Recent example:

Big Brothers of Minneapolis interviewed and applicant and discovered that his resume’ revealed that he had homosexual affiliations. When asked if he was a homosexual the applicant said, “yes”. That didn’t daunt the interviewer, he merely stated that he had to reveal the information to the mother, as the final decision was up to her. Being a homosexual BIG BROTHER was ok with the organization, it was up to the mother. That didn’t sit well with the homosexual. Under their local gay rights law, the homosexual sued Big Brothers, alleging that he had been discriminated against. The Big Brothers argued that they made no comments, negative or positive, about him. Its representative simply revealed all the facts, just as he would with other protected classes in the human rights law – race, color, age, religion,s ex, marital status, and the life. The decision was up to the mother. Despite the fair-sounding rationale of BB, they were fined thousands of dollars, forced to admit homosexuals without disclosure to the mothers, and active solicitation (affirmative action) of homosexuals by Big Brothers through homosexual media outlets (magazines, etc.)

Requiring churches to have homosexual volunteers and staff. Churches are coming under tremendous attack of late. The following are few examples:

More than a dozen homosexuals dressed in black sat quietly in the pews at Village Seven Presbyterian Church on 11/7/93 until the pastor asked the congregation to open their Bibles. They all stood up, removed their coats began screaming at the pastor and pelted the 1000 member congregation with condoms.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, Homosexual activists stormed the building and began throwing condoms on the unsuspecting parishioners. They destroyed church property, blocked the doors and urinated on the pews.

Angry homosexuals attempted to break in to a church service @ the Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco in September. They destroyed property outside the church, pounded relentlessly on the doors, cursed at the children inside and screamed at the parents what they wanted to do to the children, spit in the faces of those attempting to get inside the church, and before it was all over, tore down the Christian Flag waving over the church and replaced it with the familiar “Rainbow” Homosexual flag. The police refused to make arrests, or even come to the scene of the crime. The congregation was left to fend for themselves and fear for their lives. If you’re law enforcement…it’s politically incorrect to arrest homosexuals in San Francisco.

Eliminate sodomy laws in 23 states and all state and local ordinances.

Adoption, foster care and custody of children. Recent example:

An openly gay man in Van Nuys, California was awarded custody of a 5-year old girl to whom he was not related (he was a former babysitter), over the protests of the girl’s mother. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Martha Goldin ruled that the “gay” Kevin Thomas would provide a better home for the child – whom he had known all of her life – than her mother.

Same sex marriages, lowering the age of consent, special homosexual multicultural curriculum

The press accuses us of claiming that legitimizing homosexuality will mean society must accept openly obscene behavior and pedophilia”.. They say that pedophilia and obscene behavior are “unacceptable” in the homosexual and heterosexual communities, and would never become “acceptable”. The evidence proves otherwise:

Prior to a 1970 American Psychiatric Association convention in San Francisco, homosexuality was listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders as a `mental illness’. The APA conventions had been disrupted by angry homosexuals for years prior to 1970, however that year’s location afforded them the ability to make the necessary changes to the `status’ of their lifestyle. Through harassment, intimidation, and violence, they succeeded in “gagging” any opposition from the APA members. By 1972 they had accomplished their goal and were no longer labeled as a “mental illness”. From that point on, the top “sex researchers” of America began the RE-educating of America with the “sexual orientation” arguments. Today, children are being taught in government controlled schools that homosexuality is “just an alternative lifestyle”.

Twenty years from 1972 and the same arguments are beginning to roll in concerning pedophilia. The same sex researchers (Dr. John Money/Johns Hopkins University, Dr. John DeCecco/Editor, Journal on Homosexuality – Dr. Mary Calderon/SIECUS) are saying that pedophilia is not necessarily damaging, so long as force is not used. PAIDIKA, Journal of Pedophilia, 4/91 stated, “If I were to see the case of a boy aged 10 or 11 who’s intensely, erotically attracted toward a man in his 20s or 30s, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way.” 10 of the 24 members of PAIDIKA’s editorial board are also on the board of JOURNAL OF HOMOSEXUALITY. Bill Andriette, Editor of the NAMBLA Bulletin (North American Man-Boy Love Association) said, “If you look at the variation of sexuality of one individual and one culture, between different cultures, you see that the range of forms of sexual expression is just too varied to simply divvy up the map by saying “gay & straight”.

We Shall Sodomize Your Sons

We shall sodomize your sons,
emblems of your feeble masculinity,
of your shallow dreams and vulgar lives.
We shall seduce him in your schools,
in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums,
in your locker rooms, sports arenas,
seminiaries, truck stops, male clubs,
and in your Houses of Congress.
Wherever men are with men together,
your sons shall become our minions
and do our bidding.

They will be re-cast in OUR image.
They will come to crave and adore us.
All laws banning homosexuality will be revoked.
If you dare cry “faggot”, “fairy”, or “queer” at us,
we will stab you in your cowardly hearts.
All churches who condemn us will be closed.
Our only gods are handsome young men.
We shall be victorious because we are
fueled with the ferocious
bitterness of the oppressed.
We too, are capable of firing guns
and manning the barricades
of ultimate revolution.

Michael Swift, Gay Community News, 2/15/87

Under the guise of civil rights, homosexual lobbyists are pressuring Congress to grant “sexual orientation” minority status. Then, behaving as a homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (adopting dress, behavior, or surgical alteration transformations) will be considered a special minority as are Hispanics, Blacks, Women, etc. Such action forces special protection based on one’s sexual lifestyle.

Disney World is now supporting the homosexual lifestyle. They helped underwrite the production cost of a fundraiser for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. They helped raise $180,000 for the homosexual organization. They also amended their personnel policy to grant special rights to homosexual employees and their lovers, as well as permitting them to participate in an annual “Gay Pride Day” attended by homosexuals from across America, on the same day elementary schools from around the state bus the children to Disney (the first official weekend of the summer), as well as other unsuspecting patrons visit the park. The homosexual organizations have been asked numerous times to reschedule the annual event, but they refuse.


10% of population is homosexual. This is based on a 1948 Kinsey Report. Prisoners and sex offenders were used in his survey. They use the 10% figure to advance their agenda. The Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Morton-Hunt Study (commissioned for Playboy) both revealed it is actually 1% to 2%

“We used that figure when most gay people were entirely hidden to try to create an impression of our numerousness.” Tom Stoddard of the (homosexual) LAMBDA Legal Defense Fund told Newsweek in Feb.93.

They’re born that way. Increasingly, studies from universities such as John Hopkins School of Medicine, Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Masters and Johnson point to environmental factors as major causes. Specifically a child’s perception of family dynamics, a traumatized condition; rape, abuse, and other traumatic events may cause a gender identity conflict at a very young age, thus resulting in a belief that they were “born that way”.

Homosexuals do not enjoy rights like other citizens and therefore need minority status and special civil rights. As Americans, homosexuals are entitled to equal rights, not special rights. Their behavior-based lifestyle does not qualify for privileged minority status under U.S. law.

All individuals; good, bad, homosexual or heterosexual are protected under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. As a class, the courts have repeatedly denied homosexuals their claim to “insular and discreet” minority status, quotas and affirmative action. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a race. Homosexuality is defined by the act of sodomy. This behavior is not constitutionally protected as per the Supreme Court ruling in Bowers vs. Hardwick.


“Portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers. In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex action to assume the role of protector. Our campaign should not demand direct support for homosexual practices, but take anti-discrimination as its theme.”

After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear & Hatred of Gays In The 90s Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen

And tremendous mass media sympathy has helped homosexuals portray their debate in just this “gay as victim” mentality.

Historically the Supreme Court grants minority status to a class based upon satisfying three elements.

History of discrimination, evidenced by the lack of ability to obtain economic mean income, adequate education and deprived of cultural opportunities:


The class must exhibit obvious, immutable, unchangable or distinguishing characteristics that define them as an insular and discrete group. There has never been confirmed evidence of the existence of a “homosexual gene”. According to a study by the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics on 34,706 students in 1992, 25.9% of children are unsure of their sexual orientation at age 12, but this figure declines to 5% by age 17. The study also found that sexual orientation is a fluid condition: of the small percentage who have a homosexual orientation, 75% do not continue throughout their lifetime in homosexual relationships.

The class must show they are politically powerless. In the 1992 election, homosexual activists donated $3.4 million to President Clinton’s campaign and supplied many other campaigns with volunteers and contributions, making them one of the most financially powerful political forces today.

We are not attempting to deny anyone’s civil rights. Every American enjoys civil rights, however, “special” rights should not be afforded any individual based solely on his or her sexual preferences. The reason homosexuals (as well as the press) oppose our various state amendment petitions is because they want to use local “gay rights ordinances” to legitimize their lifestyle and punish anyone who opposes it based on religious convictions and concern for the health of the nation.

* “Homosexualities”, Simon & Schuster, 1978

* “Chronic Immune Stimulation by Sperm Allonantigens”, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1984

* “The Gay Dilemma”, Psychology Today, 1/84

* “The San Francisco Men’s Health Study”, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1987

* “AIDS and Sexual Behavior Reported by Gay Men in San Francisco”, American Journal of Public Health, 1985