Dr. Ron Paul’s ‘What If’ Speech Still Rings True

Many have already seen or listened to Congressman Ron Paul’s famous “What If?” speech.

Dr. Ron Paul’s ‘What If’ Speech in this video:

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Real Scientists Reject Evolution


In contrast to the idea that only scientifically illiterate individuals would doubt that natural selection is a sufficient “force” to power all the diversity we see on earth today through evolution, there are a number of scientists with unimpeachable credentials who doubt that natural selection is up to the task.
There is no question that some of the most famous scientists of all times believed in creation.

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GRAND Duke Alexander warns Americans about the Rockefeller Empire!!

Grand Duke Alexander said this about his visit to the U.S. during a visit in 1913:

“As a matter of fact, there was one startling change which seemed to have escaped the attention of the native observers. The building of the Panama Canal and the stupendous development of the Pacific Coast had created a new form of American pioneering; their industries had grown to where a foreign outlet had become a sheer necessity. Their financiers who used to borrow money in London, Paris, Amsterdam had suddenly found themselves in the position of creditors. 

The rustic republic of Jefferson was rapidly giving way to the empire of Rockefellers, but the average man-in-the-street had not yet entirely caught up with this new order of things, and the bulk of the nation was still thinking in terms of the nineteenth century (Once a Grand Duke, p. 242).”

Such is the extreme secrecy of the Rockefeller Syndicate, that almost a century later, most Americans are still not aware that their country has been hijacked by Standard Oil….The Grand Duke did not know— or could not tell— that his own country was also hijacked by the Rock Mob!!

Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovitch (1866-1934 ). 

Grand Duke Alexander was born on April 1, 1866 in Tiflis (now Tbilisi), and died in 1934 in the United States. He loved everything American and as a youth he longed to run away to the United States. He despised the empty rituals of the Greek Orthodox “church” and wanted to remake his country in the image of the U.S.A. He visited this country in 1893 and again in 1913. He moved to the U.S. in 1928 and began a career as an author of several books on Russian history.

Grand Duke Alexander was the nephew of Emperor Alexander II. This was the Emperor that freed the serfs in 1861. He sent the Russian navy to New York, Virginia and San Francisco in 1863 and their presence was a warning to France and Great Britain to stay out of the conflict. In 1867, he sold Alaska to the U.S. for the measly sum of $7.2 million dollars. For freeing the serfs and saving the American Union.

Emperor Alexander was killed by a Jesuit assassin in 1881.In 1918, Czar Nicholas II and his entire family were assassinated by Jesuits disguised as Soviets or Bolsheviks. 

Even though he was related to most of the crowned heads of Europe, none of them came to his aid. One of these Rockefeller Bolsheviks was named Joseph Stalin who later became dictator of Russia.


The Dowager-Empress Marie of Russia, in exile in Denmark in 1924.Empress Marie was the widow of Emperor Alexander III and mother-in-law of Duke Alexander. Emperor Nicholas was sent to Siberia and the rest of the Romanoffs were held captive by the “Soviets” at Sebastopol. They confiscated Empress Marie’s precious Bible because it was a counter-revolutionary book.


The Bible is an anti-revolutionary book according to the Bolsheviks.

They started back for Sebastopol at six in the afternoon, leaving the house in a state of complete destruction and carrying away my personal correspondence and the Bible belonging to my mother-in-law. The old Empress begged them not to deprive her of this precious souvenir of her youth, proposing her jewels in exchange.”We are not thieves,” said the chief, completely disgusted at the failure of the raid. 

“This is an anti-revolutionary book, and an old woman like you should know better than poison her brains with such trash.” 

Ten years later, while in Copenhagen, my mother-in-received a package containing her Bible: a Danish diplomat visiting Moscow bought it from a dealer in rare books. She died holding it in her hands (Once a Grand Duke, p. 303).”Since the Glorious Reformation, the Czars of Russia have tried to enlighten their people by making the Word of God available to all their subjects. Their main opposition came from the Greek Orthodox “church” founded by Emperor Constantine.

Comrade Khrushchev meets the Rockefellers


Khrushchev meets his Rockefeller master!!

Khrushchev meets his Rockefeller master!! Gov. Nelson Rockefeller visits Khrushchev’s Quarters at the Waldorf Astoria Tower; and cordially and comradely greets him. False headlines say that they met “for the first time” and “as total strangers”. Khrushchev boasts that he receives secret codes, money and all “secret” reports from Rockefeller dominated CIA Quislings.

David Rockefeller accepts Khrushchev’s urgent invitation to visit him at the Kremlin.

David Rockefeller accepts Khrushchev’s urgent invitation to visit him at the Kremlin. David Rockefeller held a conference in Leningrad of his Bilderberger “Dartmouth group” to discuss politics and stimulate Communist Russo-Chinese business for the branch of his Chase Manhattan Bank he had opened six months earlier, in Hong Kong, for the specific purpose of trading with the Communists. At the end of the two weeks conference, in mid August, 1964, Khrushchev phoned Rockefeller and urgently requested him to come to Moscow and discuss his decisions at the Kremlin. Rockefeller agreed to do so. He was entertained, with his daughter, Neva, at the Kremlin. But, shortly thereafter, Khrushchev was “fired” because his controversy with Mao Tse Tung interfered with the Soviet-Communist China trade from which Rockefellers sought to profit. 

Rockefeller HATED Unions!!

Rockefeller HATED Unions – especially the American UNION and the Soviet Union….Unions prevent war and keep the peace. The more countries you have the more wars you are going to have. The Rockefeller Syndicate HATES peace because they cannot make money by supplying arms to both sides. The Russian Premier of the “workers paradise” probably didn’t know that Rockefeller Junior had about 40 striking mine workers killed in Colorado. Most of those killed were poor Roman Catholic emigrants from Italy and Ireland.

Rockefeller massacred striking mine workers in Colorado.

Editor’s NoteThe Imperialists have always tried to promote conflict between Russia and America in order to instigate conflicts between the two great nations. This was the object of World War I and II — to get America and Russia into a suicidal Cold War and reign over the ruins of both. Links

A brief biography of Duke Alexander.

Rockefeller bought the Encyclopedia Britannica around the 1900’s

Joseph McCabe was born in Manchester, England, in 1867 and died in London in 1955. His father was from Hibernia – the Island of saints and scholars. As a very young man he was zealous of serving God, so he entered a Franciscan monastery in England. Instead of turning him into a saint . . . the Franciscans turned him into an ATHIEST!!


Joseph McCabe believed that he could serve God with all his MIND. He soon found out that upon entering the monastery he had to leave his brain at the door.

Imagine his shock when he found out that the motto of the monastery was:

“Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.”

Father Joseph McCabe quit the monastery after 12 years and became one of the most prolific writers in history. Rome made an ATHEIST out of him, and most of his books denounced the Papal system and espoused ATHEISM. Of course he believed that the Papal system was “Christian” and he denounced them as anti-scientific for opposing Galileo.

As we stated there was/is no place for a young, bright, thinking person in the monastic system. Here is Father McCabe’s description of a monastic library:

“Of the character of the books of a monastic library, it may be said that two-thirds of them would be dismissed with scant courtesy by the modern reader. The most valued section consists of a number of folio volumes, the more ancient and illegible the better, of the works of the fathers and medieval theologians. Few of the friars ever venture to consult them, yet they are understood to be the nucleus of the monastic library. Then comes a great wealth of ascetical literature and hagiography-” spiritual” works of intolerable dullness, and lives of the saints that bristle with the most outrageous legends. The theological and scriptural section is also well filled, and there is a good collection of volumes of sermons. There are many friaries in which the catalogue practically ends with these, but in most monasteries one finds a fair quantity of historical works, and a certain number of strictly orthodox literary and philosophical works. Science is very sparsely represented — it is ever ill at ease in ecclesiastical establishments; apologetical and polemical works are numerous. The classics are very much neglected, for the friars have had a poor classical education, and though they are very familiar with ecclesiastical Latin, few of them could read Horace or Livy at sight; very few of them read Greek.” (Life in a Modern Monastery, p. 38).

Joseph McCabe discovered that the Encyclopedia Britannica was CASTRATED!!

While doing research for his books, Joseph McCabe found out that the venerable Encyclopedia Britannica was castrated when it became the property of the Rockefeller syndicate:

“The revision of the Encyclopedia Britannica was undertaken with a view to eliminate matter which was objectionable from a Catholic point of view and to insert what was accurate and unbiased. The whole of the 28 volumes were examined, objectionable parts noted, and the reasons for their deletion or amendment given. There is every reason to hope that the new edition of the Britannica will he found very much more accurate and impartial than its predecessors.”(McCabe, Lies and Fallacies of the Encyclopedia Britannica, p. 14). 

Rockefeller bought the Encyclopedia Britannica

Around the year 1900, the Rockefeller owned University of Chicago bought the Encyclopedia Britannica. The university editors went to work removing all the true history of the Papacy as well as articles exposing the deadly practice of vaccination.

There was no 10th Edition of the Encyclopedia. Like the Titanic, it must have sunk while making the crossing of the Atlantic….The Rockefeller syndicate came out with the 11th edition around 1910.

Lies and Fallacies of the Encyclopedia Britannica

By Joseph McCabe





List of book by Joseph McCabe.

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