Modern Slavery is the systematic dismantling of protections for individual rights

Sometime during the early or mid-twentieth century, scientists working for the military industrial complex perfected an application of neurotechnology that allowed the encoding and decoding of human brain activity. The technology made it possible to identify what a person was thinking, feeling, seeing or hearing. It also allowed those same functions to be artificially controlled: thoughts, sounds, visions and even dreams (i.e., computer-generated audio and video) could be artificially introduced directly into the human mind, regardless of whether the subject was awake or asleep. Human speech and muscular action could be involuntarily controlled. Subjects (victims) of this technology would not be consciously aware of what was happening:

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The U.S. Constitution Is Not A Set of Suggestions!

By Ron Paul
If there’s ever been a law terribly abused by government, the authority to use military force after 9/11 is surely one of them. Article I of the U.S. Constitution is not a set of suggestions! The Constitution is the law of the land, and if government disobeys it, they are quite frankly breaking the law!
Let’s hypothetically say that a resolution was passed that miraculously repealed the President’s authority to use military force. I personally wouldn’t feel much better because there is so much secrecy with the CIA and special forces. 
Authority is crucial, and a lot of blame must be pinned on sloppy thinking and internationalism. Despite the fact that the UN was established to bring peace in the world, one of their very first actions was to give authority for war in Korea. The U.S. is still spending money on that decision.
Even with a Presidential election coming up, there is virtually no debate on this issue. At least my son Rand has introduced a bill to repeal the President’s authority to use military force. Even when it was discussed during Obama’s election campaign, he promised to stop the wars. Instead, he didn’t stop two wars and added another one!
Restraining leaders from going to war was a big issue during our revolution. The king (today our king is the President) can’t go to war without the consent of the people through the legislative branch. We may have a long way to go, but the majority of the American people agree that we should not go to war so carelessly.
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Why Carl Sagan was murdered

Perhaps an exotic biotoxin? Assassination?
The man who warned you that we live in an age based on science and technology and people don’t understand it.

Less than 50% of all Americans understand the earth revolves around the sun and about 25% of Americans recieve a passing grade in basic science.

His final interview before death.

If people don’t understand science, who is shaping our lives if no one is qualified to understand the science and ask questions?

This is somewhat conspiracy and somewhat alternative history. The man was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and then died 2 years later. He was asking, who is running the science and technology in a democracy where no one is asking the questions.  

He warned us to be skeptical of those in authority and to ask questions of them and the science they presented, and he also spoke from a perspective of the Constitution and founding fathers.

What would he have said as a celebrity in response to the Global Warming movement? And how influential could he have been in that movement and its skepticism? He was skeptical of UFO’s being of alien origin. As am I, based on history, esotericism and natural science.

I am studied in natural science and I apply it daily: physics, quantum mechanics, atomic dynamics, unified biology, linear algebra, cryptography, unified field theory, astral physics, astro physics and astronomy, acoustic dynamics, electronics and more. There is a wealth of free information democraticly available.