‘The Young Turk’ is a communist media to deceive and manipulate

source: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/The_Young_Turks
The Young Turds is an advice channel on Youtube for trolls of political online forums. It is Sirius’s first case of doing it for the lulz. The Young Turks claims to be the first Internet TV news show and now the Largest Online News Show in the World, despite the only competition being 13 year old camwhores vlogging about the world gone and dun goofed. Video of the show is uploaded daily on their geocities page and available as a midi file. The show offers exclusive, Internet-only video content via their YouTube channel, which averages 18 views monthly, and has over three hundred views total since Last Thursday. The Young Turks offers a food delivery service of exclusively berberi, and an uncensored, wrap-up show on audio cassettes. The Young Turks has won the 2009 Fox News Awards in the Shit nobody cares about category, Fox News Awards as well as the 2009 NPR pageant in the Least Fair And Balanced category.


Fat Tony began a talk show in the mold of a public access show he had done previously called The Old Turk. With the help of friend Ben Mankiewicz whom he had previously spammed public access television with, his childhood friend Satan, and Jill Pike they began The Young Turks. Three homeless folks are paid in beers as full time crew.
In 2005, the trolling received attention for its 99 hour “Live On Air Filibuster” conducted during the Republicans having their lulz nominating some guido weenie to the Supreme Court, right after the emo-raging over W’s victory. Hosts including Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, Bob Kincaid, Brad Friedman, and Peter B. Collins filled in so that the shows regulars could go work their 2nd yob at McDonald’s.
It was announced on August 20, 2007, that Mankiewicz would leave the show and all the dweebs thumbed up a comment of “Ben sucks” to the top. In September 2008, Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons replaced Bill O’Reilly and Richard Roeper as hosts of Dweeby Whines About Crappy Movies. At roughly the same time, Pike left to pursue a job in Washington, D.C. at an establishment called The Booby Trap, at which point somebody’s little daughter, Ana Kasparian was hired to say “NO WAI” after practicing her ABCs with TMZ blurbs about random whores.
During the United States 2008 elections, the show developed close ties to another vlog, often whoring their ads and featuring personalities such as Michael Moore’s little wannabe and some chinese guy.
Prior to Air America making a grave mistake, the show was broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio, on Sirius Left 143 and later 146, at least 100 years ago, and re-aired on Sirius Talk Central 148 one time Last Thursday. The Young Turks was the first show exclusively for Sirius Left after they moved their Mac servers out of their parents’ garage. The show was the only thing on Sirius for several years. The Young Turks was also carried by a ham radio in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday nights and uploaded to geocities by RadioPower.org, aka SSBJVegeta99.
On February 2, 2009, The Young Turks was removed from the broadcast schedule on XM/Sirius Channel 69 for being Shit, America Left, and their program was filled by an extra hour of tape recorded saxophone solos from NPR news. Fat Tony made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and the show returned to XM/Sirius on March 16, 2009.

The show is primarily hosted by an actual Turk and self proclaimed “Proud Mangina” Cenk Uygur and some other random bitch that just graduated from college. Ana Kasparian serves as co-host during the third hour which focuses on Youtube poop stolen from failblog. Some other co-hosts are: Some Dork in glasses, a guy who doesn’t want to be there but feels sorry for them, what’s his name, what’s her face, and RJ Eskow. Tony also has regular bits and on air interaction with those who help run the show; some illegal immigrant, Ana Kasparian, Dave Koller, J.R. “the black guy”, Tom Hanc, and a couple of other fruitcakes.
Despite the plural-sounding name, 90% of the show is really just Fat Tony single-handedly trolling Joe The Plumber impersonators about the teabags on their colonial hats and their masturbation to masculine portraits of Ayn Rand.


‘Young Turks’ Progressive Moron Blames Christianity For Shooting While Tweeting Article Identifying Shooter as Atheist!

‘The Young Turks’ Progressive Moron Blames Christianity For Shooting While Tweeting Article Identifying Shooter as Atheist!

If you want vapid, pointless, mind-numbing views on politics, you could do worse than “the Young Turks,” and their Chief Operating Officer Steve Yo proved it by tweeting some inane attempt to blame Christians for a shooting by an Atheist:

Of course, 28 of his devoted idiot followers retweeted like braindead leftist zombies. Amazingly, the very article he tweeted identified the shooter as an Atheist! LOL!

Hicks, the alleged shooter, frequently shared links about atheism on what appears to be his Facebook page. One such post reads: “People say nothing can solve the Middle East problem, not mediation, not arms, not financial aid. I say there is something. Atheism.”

Eventually the idiot discovered his mistake, but he just went on the attack:

It’s no wonder, since deep thinkers at the Young Turks equate Islam with Christianity:

And of course, any Christian extremism represents all Christians:

Luckily for Oh and his fellow Young Turks degenerates, there’s plenty of morons who agree with their childish ideas and are willing to sit and watch their YouTube videos while drooling their agreement.