A Deep State Update On Donald Trump

By Chris Rossini

It’s already been well established that the things Donald Trump says can change in an instant. What he says today will probably change tomorrow (or even later today if it’s early enough). Many of the things that he said to his early “Make America Great Again” supporters have now been tossed aside. So the key things to watch now are how the Deep State maneuvers to keep the status quo going.
After all, the Deep State doesn’t leave when administrations change. Presidents come and go, but the entrenched bureaucracy that feeds off the average American stays. 
The Deep State sinks its claws into every President via personnel. Pay attention to the personnel that will be around Trump, and you’ll get a good sense of where things are headed. Based on Trump’s chums so far, the Deep State will be able to sleep like a baby.
Let’s review:
– Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions, Richard Haas – all establishment men and in the Trump circle.

– John McCain and Dick Cheney are on board with Trump (despite Trump bad mouthing them both in public).

– Sheldon Adelson is poised to give Trump $100 million.
That’s just a taste.
– Trump has met with James Baker and Henry Kissinger after weeks of telephone conversations with Kissinger (!!!).

– Trump named former Soros money manager as his National Campaign Finance Chair.
You see how this works?
​It’s not complicated.
All of Trump’s campaign talk out there…that’s a sideshow. If President Obama didn’t already prove that in spades, no one will.
​”Hope & Change” simply became “No Change”.
Now it’s being reported that Trump will be meeting with Senator Bob Corker. Many “top” Republicans believe that Corker would make a good VP pick for Trump.
Here are few things about Corker:
– Wanted to raise the federal gas tax.

– Said: “Vladimir Putin is seizing a neighboring territory – again…” How many times did Putin invade Ukraine? Daniel McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute counted 36 times. Who knew?

– Is in favor of the dangerous “flat tax”. As Robert Wenzel correctly points out: “Tax cuts are what we need, not changing the method of taxation.”

– Wenzel again “Corker is chairman of the very powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee. You don’t get that position unless the deep state approves.”
Deep State.
Remember that when Hope & Change 2.0 fails to materialize.

Sure go ahead you can trust Hellary

If there’s one thing that’s certain about the upcoming election, it’s that voters really have no clue as to what they’re really getting into.
That includes the die hard supporters on both sides. The two leading candidates have proven that they will literally say anything in the moment. And that’s despite living in the age of the Internet! Here’s a viral video that we discovered of Hillary Clinton spinning so many false-truths that it’s actually quite astonishing. The producer of the video has promised a follow-up on Trump. The decline and degradation of statesmanship in America is truly upon us:

Sure, Go Ahead…You Can Trust Hillary


The Washington Post reports that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is to meet with Bilderberg kingpin Henry Kissinger this week in order to tap his ‘expertise’ on foreign policy.

Sources close to Trump told reporters that the two will discuss all aspects of foreign policy, but will particularly focus on China.

The post reports:

Meeting with Kissinger has become a rite of passage for many ambitious Republicans, especially those who land on the party’s presidential ticket. Sarah Palin had a high-profile meeting with him in 2008 when she became the GOP vice-presidential nominee, seeking his counsel and association with his credentials.

The face-to-face session comes after weeks of phone conversations between Trump and Kissinger, who was a top adviser to presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. The people close to Trump spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss his private schedule and his relationship with the 92-year-old former diplomat.

The move by Trump’s campaign is a strange one, given that he has been billed as the ultimate anti-establishment outsider, and Kissinger is the biggest Washington insider there is.

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The legendary Chuck Norris pens article urging Americans to wake up on the ‘covert chemtrailing’ taking place in this country

Do you get a visceral reaction when jets spew their poison and ruin a beautiful blue sky day with their aerosols, nanoparticles and assorted toxic chemicals? 76-year-old actor and activist Chuck Norris agrees with you. Norris is using his celebrity and writing prowess to bring attention to these toxic geo-engineering programs. He recently penned an article in World News Daily entitled “Sky Criminals,” as reported by Inquisitor.com:
“[Norris] argued that people are not taking the issue seriously when there is evidence pointing to the government as having already used chemtrails.

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